What is an 8 bypass

Secateurs FISKARS Pro PB-8 M Bypass

Item details

  • Cutting system bypass
  • Material blade steel
  • Max. Cutting capacity 26 mm
  • Material handle fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Non-stick coated blades Yes
  • Weight 0.186 kg
  • Drive type Manually
  • Item type scissors
  • execution Secateurs
  • Area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication Outside
  • scope of application Wood
  • Spaces garden
  • EAN 6411501118509


Cut drooping twigs, withered flowers and smaller branches cleanly and efficiently with the FISKARS Pro PB-8 M Bypass secateurs!

Product features of the FISKARS Pro PB-8 M Bypass secateurs
That's why you should grab it: The professional bypass secateurs are your indispensable tool for gardening work. Thanks to the balanced blade geometry, you can quickly cut green twigs up to a diameter of 26 mm and withered flowers. The work is easy for you. This is ensured by the light handles made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic with their joint-friendly buffers. Thanks to the non-slip surface, you have everything under control - as a left- or right-handed person.

With the high-quality steel blades and the durable plastic of the bypass secateurs, you can work for years without any problems. There is also an extensive range of spare parts and the blades can be easily exchanged.

Nailed: The Pro PB-8 M Bypass Secateurs are your indispensable helper for cutting fresh greenery!

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