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In this series we introduce you to how you do with JavaScript fast small browser games can program.

Introduction [edit]

The web is increasingly becoming a sales platform - the SELF forum is now mainly about forms and the adaptation of web shops. Still, fun shouldn't be neglected. However, you will quickly notice that business and gaming have more in common than you might think:

The EVA principle applies everywhere:

  1. Evaluate user input
  2. Processing of the data
  3. Output of results

You can recognize good code by the fact that it divides recurring processes into functions that can also be reused in the next project. Therefore this course consists of chapters that build on each other; individual chapters can also be edited individually.

And, before we start, there are more forms in the games than you might think at first!

- Matthias Scharwies (discussion) 16:55, Nov. 4, 2020 (CET)

Browser game vs multiplayer [edit]

Browser games are actually independent websites that are loaded once from the server and then run independently. If at all, data is only stored in the browser.[1]

In the forum there is often the question of how one can play such games on multiple computers and exchange events, interactions and scores.[2]

This is not easily possible. In order to play with several players at the same time, contact to the server must be maintained. There, data such as users, moves and scores are saved again and again and immediately passed on to the other players. This is also possible with JavaScript such as Node.js, but is usually implemented with PHP and SQL.

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Sources [edit]

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