What is a good girl flogger

Why do girls beat?

Why aren't girls what we'd like them to be? Who is we? The ones who prefer the gentle, hardworking, nicely dressed girls. Girls who control their traditional role as wife and mother, as "woman behind the man"? The others who want to educate girls for emancipation. To do it better than their mothers, that is: to demand something and fight for it, persistently, but of course without violence? What about the girls who curse, bump into, fight each other in the schoolyard (by the way: the victims are always other girls, at best smaller boys)?

Are you lacking in beauty, education ... other sources of self-confidence? Do you have no verbal means of expressing your anger or anger? Have you misunderstood the year-long call to defend yourself against (sexual) assault? Are you frustrated by the discrepancy between being asked to be "as good as the boys, only better, different" and not being able to live it in everyday life? Do girls from socially disadvantaged migrant backgrounds protest against their submissive mothers and their patriarchal fathers and brothers?

In general: Didn't women and girls hit the ground before - or was it just not discussed? Are female boxers, wrestlers, bodybuilders outgrowths of emancipatory aspirations or expressions of a new image of women?


Dr. Anita HeiligerGerman Youth Institute, Munich Department: Gender Studies and Women's Politics

Tanja DiewaldMobile youth work Stuttgart-Sillenbuch

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