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The police's crime statistics

Every spring the Federal Criminal Police Office publishes the police crime statistics (PKS). It gives an overview of all crimes the police have received in the past year. Police crime statistics from 2019 have been available since February 2020. Criminal offenses include:

theft: As in previous years, more than a third of the crimes in 2019 were thefts. These include, for example, bicycles, cars, bags, shoplifting or thefts during a break-in.

Scam: If you have paid for an item online but never received it, it is a scam. It also includes dodging or “smuggling” to concerts. 15 percent of the offenses in 2019 are fraud.

Property damage: Damage to property is, for example, spraying graffiti, breaking windows or illegally deleting data. It can be punished with imprisonment. In 2019, 9.3 percent of criminal offenses were property damage.

Mayhem: There are different penalties depending on the injury. Simple assault, for example, is a slap in the face. In the case of dangerous bodily harm, for example, blindness can be the result. In total, it was nine percent last year.

• Violations of the law on foreigners: People without German citizenship violate the law on foreigners. For example, you are not allowed to enter or stay in Germany. German citizens cannot commit this crime. There are statistics in the PKS that deliberately do not include this crime.

Drug offenses: Police recorded 130,967 drug-related cases in large cities with over 200,000 residents. Last year it was 129,633. That means drug offenses have increased by about 1 percent.

• Many other crimes: These include, but are not limited to, murder, rape, insult, illegal possession of a weapon, violation of copyright law, and computer crime.

The police crime statistics also provide information about Crime scenes, times, suspects, victims and damage.

You can save all data in Tablesread on the website of the Federal Criminal Police Office. On the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) you can find a PDF. There you can find out how dangerous your region is. Note that not every crime is dangerous for you. A disregard of copyright or an insult does not threaten your security.

The 10 most dangerous cities in Germany

The crime statistics only compare large cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants. Officially, a large city has at least 100,000 inhabitants. These are the 10 most dangerous cities in Germany in 2019.