How do I heal swelling after surgery

How long does it take to heal after a nose operation?

A nose correction (rhinoplasty) is a complex operation in which the anatomy of the nose is changed. The patient has to be patient because the wound takes a long time to heal properly.

When can you be socially acceptable again after a nose operation?

Any patient planning a rhinoplasty should be aware that they will have to live with the obvious side effects of the operation for a few days to weeks: swelling of the nose as well as bruises that reach the eyelids are to be expected. Both can change and disfigure the face in the first few days after the operation. Even slight bleeding from the nostrils and restricted nasal breathing are not worrisome in the first few days. The bandage is removed after a week. The skin on the face is then still red and swollen. The worst Swelling and bruises will slowly subside for the first three weeks. Then the patient is in principle socially acceptable again. Particularly stubborn swellings can be treated with medication.

After a week or so, the nerves begin to heal. This can lead to a tingling sensation in the wound area. The senses of taste and smell also return after one to two weeks.

Patients who have the opportunity to take three or four weeks of vacation should do so - also so as not to endanger wound healing. You are able to work after three weeks. However, this only applies to activities that are not associated with physically strenuous work, as otherwise there is a risk of renewed bleeding.

What are the side effects to be expected in the first few weeks after the rhinoplasty?

If the patient adheres to the doctors' instructions and is gentle on his nose, the surgical wound can heal easily. For the patient this means: in the first abstain from exercising for two to three months - Especially team and contact sports are taboo. Wearers of glasses should switch to contact lenses to avoid pressure points on the nose. Sun, sauna, hot showers, anything that raises blood pressure must be avoided. This also includes strenuous physical work.

In addition to swelling that persists for weeks, numbness in the new nose, often at the tip of the nose, can occur in the first few weeks. The changed anatomy can also make the upper lip feel strangely stiff. The facial expressions change and even when laughing, the facial features seem to be under tension. The nasal mucous membranes may still be swollen. It takes at least three months for the bones of the operated nose to stabilize. The patient should know that this is not the end of the healing process for the nose.

How can healing be accelerated?

Nasal surgery is a major procedure. Wound healing is different for each patient. If you follow the instructions for aftercare, you may not speed up the healing process, but you can at least prevent complications from delaying healing.

The best the patient can do for their nose is to leave it alone, not to touch it. The nose is still very sensitive, even malleable, for the first three to four weeks. Therefore, the patient should also avoid expressive facial expressions, not blow their nose in the first few days and only sneeze with their mouth open. Be careful with anything that requires strong facial movements - brushing your teeth, kissing, chewing, laughing, talking persistently.

The patient should avoid small children, impetuous dogs and anything that could lead to bumps on the nose for the first few days. Cooling your nose and lying with your upper body elevated can help the swelling go down faster. Make-up can be used again after three to four weeks. If possible, this should only be used for important social events.

The nose has not yet taken on its final shape at this time. Due to the swelling, the tip of the nose will appear to be pulled up.

When is the nose completely healed?

Any patient undergoing a rhinoplasty should be patient: it's perfectly normal for that Swelling of the nose lasts up to a year or even a year and a half. Only then does the tip of the nose finally lower itself into the desired position and the numbness disappears completely. The The final result of the nose surgery can only be seen after twelve months or judge longer. Patients who are not satisfied with the result of the operation and who want a correction must wait at least a year before the nose can be operated on again.