What are the other names of WiFi

So you can change your WiFi name and get creative in the process

Your new Vodafone router is there and off you go to unpack and set up the WiFi. However, it quickly becomes apparent that most routers in the network have a more device-related name by default. If you now live in a larger apartment building, identifying your own router can become a test of patience. So why not give it a meaningful or even funny name when you set it up?

Modern routers often have names like “Fritz! Box FON WLAN 6290” or “KabelBox-D849”. If several people use a similar name in the same house or area, it becomes confusing. There are wonderfully creative names based on your film preferences, musical interests or completely different areas.

How to change the name of your router

The name of your wireless router is also known as the SSID (Service Set Identifier). It indicates the name under which your WLAN can be recognized in the wireless network area. If there are no other routers in operation in your area, you will be able to find them very easily after activating WLAN on your smartphone. To change the name of the router, however, you must first connect to the router using a PC or Mac. We explain this using the example of the procedure for (any) Fritz! Box. Instructions for other devices can be found here.

First connect your PC or Mac to the router using a LAN cable and switch it on. Then, after a short wait, open the address http://fritz.box in the browser. Now log in with your access data for the router or assign a password. Now click on "WLAN | Radio network ”. Enter the new name under SSID and click on "Apply". Your WLAN can now be reached under a different name.

Change the name of the Fritz! Box 7590
Video: YouTube / Vodafone Germany

So you can get creative with choosing a name

In principle, you can give your WLAN almost any name you want. Make sure, however, not to use umlauts or special characters, as these may not be supported by all devices. Numbers, on the other hand, are not a problem. However, we recommend that you do not use your full name, floor information or address in the name of the router. Instead, you can get creative in a completely different way. How about, for example, “Obi WLAN Kenobi” or “Martin Router King”? The “Berlin Wi-Fi Project” has gathered further inspiration at this point.

What creative name did you give your WiFi network? Do you have any other ideas that you would like to share with other users? We look forward to your comment.