How do the EDF people earn

Jens Büchner and Co.

Goodbye Germany (VOX): Germany's best-known emigrants sometimes become stars through the format. But how much do the “Goodbye Germany” participants really earn?

  • Jens Büchner († 49) and Co. became known through the VOX show "Goodbye Germany"
  • Some then appeared in other formats or had a TV career
  • But what do the emigrants actually get from VOX?

Cologne - Many people live the dream of emigrating. Hike in the year around 180,000 Germans abroad from how * reported. This emerges from the study "German Emigration and Remigration Panel", which the Federal Institute for Population Research presents every year. The reasons for emigrating are very different: for many it is about the next step in their career, others just want to go to warmer climes - to live where others go on vacation. And then it's “Goodbye Germany”! VOX has been accompanying the docu-soap "Goodbye Germany" since 2006 (Goodbye Germany (VOX): All information about the docu-soap, emigrants and scandals *) Germans on their journey to a new home.

Some of the"Goodbye Germany" participants become German TV stars through the VOX format. Of course, many think of “Malle Jens” Jens Büchner and his wife Danni Büchner (Goodbye Germany (VOX): Danni and Jens Büchner - all information about the famous TV couple *), of Texas emigrant Konny Reimann or Daniela Katzenberger.

Goodbye Germany (VOX): Well-known TV stars through the docu-soap

Many participants in “Goodbye Germany” became well-known TV stars in Germany and participated in other formats. Danni and Jens Büchner were at the RTL jungle camp, Steffi and Roland Bartsch could be seen in the “Summer House of the Stars” and RTL II even broadcast its own program via Konny Reimann. Daniela Katzenberger also became a star through “Goodbye Germany” and had two formats of its own on TV. It goes without saying that a lot of money flows into the coffers of the emigrants.

The VOX documentary soap is now anything but a ratings hit. Currently the Private broadcaster some specials from "Goodbye Germany", for example from Canada, Thailand or Israel. The program on March 2 saw just 0.62 million viewers. This corresponds to a market share of 4.1 percent; in the target group of 14 to 49 year old viewers, “Goodbye Deutschland” only had 5.1 percent market share. It is almost obvious that the emigrants do not get rich from the docu-soap.

Goodbye Germany (VOX): That's how much TV emigrants earn

Sure, Jens and Danni Büchner as well as other emigrants like Daniela Katzenberger hoped for more awareness by participating in “Goodbye Germany”. There are quite a few who have opened their own café or restaurant on the holiday island of Mallorca. Alone the The resort of Cala Millor attracts thousands of "Goodbye Germany" fans every year. For example, Danni Büchner's Faneteria is there. As writes, the emigrants are kept very small at VOX. That's how they earn Participant in the docu-soap 500 euros for up to twelve days of shooting. That is really very puny.

If one now assumes that the emigrants stand in front of the camera for around eight hours per day of shooting, this results in an hourly wage of 5.21 euros. That's how much Jens Büchner got back then. But Jens Büchner wasn't a star back then. Daniela Katzenberger was already a star in later productions in Germany and should certainly have earned more.

On July 17, the Büchner's restaurant, the Faneteria, finally opened its doors again after the corona-related closure. The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant is very scared - there could be a heavy fine.

Konny and Manuela Reimann are among the most popular “Goodbye Germany” emigrants. Her fans have been accompanying her on her foreign adventures for years. But with a post on Instagram, Manuela Reimann causes horror among her followers.

The “Goodbye Germany” star Stephan Jerkel suddenly has pain all over his body, feels limp and has a racing heart. He is immediately taken to the clinic, but the doctors are initially at a loss. The Mallorca emigrant has an extremely rare, cruel blood disease.

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