What are the LSA types

Traffic lights at construction sites

With temporary traffic lights, we ensure orderly traffic flows at your construction sites and create individual solutions for you.

A mobile traffic light system, also simply called construction site traffic lights, is a perfect solution to guide traffic past your construction site in a controlled and safe manner. In the case of completely closed lanes, the length of which is more than 50 meters, traffic light systems are even mandatory according to the RSA - the road sign 208/308 is no longer sufficient in such cases (if the traffic has to be diverted to an oncoming lane).

Regardless of the traffic scenario at your construction site: At SIGNEOS GmbH you can find a suitable one Rent construction site traffic lights and have them set up by our experienced specialist staff. Our company is a certified specialist company for transportable construction site signal systems. Handling, programming and the application of the RiLSA, TL-LSA 97 and ZTV-SA 97 regulations are no problem for us. We would be happy to support you directly with the preparation of a suitable traffic sign plan.

The right traffic light system for every traffic situation

A construction site repeatedly creates new traffic situations to which a flexible response must be made with appropriate planning. Busy roads that are also required to meet public transport requirements can, for example, be given a Traffic light can be populated so that buses are less affected. We also take care of an intelligent, traffic-dependent control, around Alternating one-way traffic or Junction and intersection traffic to regulate.

To regulate traffic, we offer you different types of construction site traffic lights. These can, for example, have manual operation and can be triggered if necessary, either with permanent red or permanent green. We also implement traffic-dependent controls and pedestrian systems for you. In addition, a distinction is made between different types, depending on how the traffic lights of a system are networked with one another:

  • Traffic light system type C: In addition to signal protection, a type C traffic signal has sensors that can detect the current flowing traffic. This allows vehicles to be guided more dynamically through a bottleneck at peak times, for example.
  • Traffic light type D: Equipped with a central control unit, type D light signal systems are wired to one another. This variant is primarily used to signal crossing traffic flows. Type D enables the control of particularly complex traffic situations, in particular the traffic-related regulation at intersections.

From mobile traffic lights to construction site lights

In addition to mobile traffic light systems, we also provide suitable ones for construction sites Warning lights or pre-warning flashers with solar panels are available. Construction site lights according to the RSA are mandatory, especially for long-term construction work.


  • mobile traffic lights for temporary traffic control
  • individual solutions for your traffic scenario
  • Traffic light systems with modern LED technology
  • mobile traffic lights for temporary traffic control
  • transportable traffic lights and mobile traffic lights
  • traffic-dependent control
  • Pedestrian systems