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Line Instructions: How to Use Messenger

In addition to the messengers known primarily in this country such as WhatsApp, Threema and Co., there are also other alternatives to keep in touch with friends. This article gives a brief overview and an introduction to using Line on different devices.
From on 02/24/2014
The Messenger Line is not as well known in this country as Whatsapp, Threema, Telegram and Co. Nevertheless, Line is one of the most successful and well-known applications worldwide. In our instructions we give an insight into what the messenger can do and how to use it; and not only on your smartphone, but also on your PC or Mac at home.

Installation and registration
Line is available for numerous platforms, including of course the two major mobile operating systems Android and iOS. But users of FirefoxOS, a Blackberry or a Nokia Asha can also use the application. The download links to the individual stores are also available on the application's official website. What they all have in common is that Line can be downloaded and installed free of charge. A user account must be set up after the installation. As with competitors such as Whatsapp and Telegram, this is done using your own mobile phone number. After this has been entered, an SMS with a confirmation code is sent to the number to prevent misuse. After the code has been entered in the appropriate field, you can use the app. Alternatively, you can also register using a Facebook login.

Manage and add contacts

Since the mobile phone number serves as an identification feature at Line, new contacts can be found using their respective number. After starting, you can use the contacts from your own phone book. If they have also installed Line under their number, you can contact them directly. Contacts who are in the phone book but not yet using Line can be invited quickly and easily using the “Add friends” menu item. There is also a separate “Invite” button, which you can use to add more people via SMS or email. All of your own contacts can be viewed and managed via the friends list.

Send messages with Line
If you want to send a message to friends in Line, you can simply select the appropriate person via the contact list and start a chat with them. Alternatively, you can also select an existing chat history and send new messages.

Voice messages can also be sent with Line via the chat window. To do this, the “Talk” button, which is hidden in the pop-up menu (plus symbol) under audio messages, must be held down for the duration of the recording. As soon as the button is no longer pressed, the recording is sent.

Use the line on the PC
In contrast to major competitors such as WhatsApp or Threema, Line also offers a client for Windows and Mac. This means that the application can also be used on the PC; however, the functions here are also limited to sending messages and managing the contact list.

Before you can use your own account on the PC, you must first link it to an email address. This is important because you do not log on to your PC with your mobile phone number, but with an email address. The corresponding option can be found in the settings of the app under the menu item "Account". Here you have to link an email account and assign a password. Only then can the same account be used on the PC.

Save and transfer line data
If you want to transfer your previous data from an old device to a new one, you have to perform a few steps beforehand. The basis is always that the respective account is linked to either Facebook or an email address. Only then can information such as the contact list, profile information or the purchased additional items also be used on other devices.

However, the chat history is not saved in this way, it is lost. If you want to save your history, you have to do this manually for each contact. To do this, select the corresponding chat, click on the menu in the upper right corner and select the chat settings. Here you will find the menu item "Save Chronicle", which saves the corresponding conversation. Chronicles can be imported again later in the same way.

Additional functions: games, timeline, stickers
In principle, Line can be used free of charge; however, the developers earn money with small in-app purchases. An example of this are the stickers that can be bought in the corresponding sticker shop of the Line app. There are also additional themes for Messenger in the design shop. These transactions are paid for with coins; similar to what we know from numerous MobileGames. The coins can be bought for real money in a separate menu item in the settings. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of receiving free coins for Line; however, you have to meet certain requirements, such as installing additional apps.

Line not only sees itself as a messenger, but also wants to go through as its own social network. An example of this are the games that can be played via line. In the corresponding menu item there are several mini-games that can be downloaded from the respective store. The successes achieved in this can then be shared with friends; similar to what you are used to from Facebook and Co. Speaking of Facebook: Line also offers a timeline in which you can see status updates of your friends and create your own posts. Additional files such as photos and films as well as links can be attached to these messages. If you also want to set who can see the timeline messages, you will find a menu item in the corresponding window.

Delete line account
Your own line account can also be completely deleted, but any purchases such as stickers etc. as well as all data (chat history, contact list) will then be lost. In the settings, there is a button at the end of the menu in your own profile that you can use to delete your account.

Download Line from the Apple App Store for iOS
Download Line from the Google Play Store for Android
Download additional line clients (Windows, Mac, etc.) from the official website

By the way: If you are looking for other alternatives for this messenger, you can also use apps like Threema and Telegram, which even offer encrypted chats. Instructions for using Threema and Telegram can be found here.