Why is education not so profitable?

German education study funds are profitable, sensible and proven.

The non-profit Center for University Development (CHE) of the Bertelsmann Foundation has been awarding German education with top ratings in the student loan test for years.
Both institutional and private investors invest in the study fund.

Investment opportunities: Investors can acquire limited partner shares in Deutsche Bildung Studienfonds II GmbH & Co. KG or invest in a bond that is issued by the study fund.

Here you can find out more about the business model of German Education.



Good return: Depending on the type of participation, the return is around 4 to 6% p.a.

Inflation protection: The investment is protected against inflation, because the return on an investment is linked to the future income of successful young academics.

No surcharge: There is no premium.

Adding value: Education adds value for the individual, investors and society: the average return on education for academics is 10% (Ifo Institute 2017: “Education has a future”)


Lifetime income increases with every higher educational qualification by up to 64%

Makes sense

Social impact: Investments in the study fund of German education are an investment in the education of motivated young academics and develop a social effect that not only benefits the sponsored students but also society.

Educational equity: The way to a higher education is blocked for many young people because they cannot afford to study: Lack of money is one of the most common reasons not to start a course despite interest and talent. With an investment, motivated students are enabled to successfully study at renowned universities regardless of their social and financial background and thus contribute to more equal educational opportunities.

Young professionals and managers: By giving motivated and talented young people access to a university, it is ensured that Germany will continue to have enough specialists and managers available in the future. This makes a contribution to the future viability of our society.


Track Record: More than 5,000 sponsored young academics attest to the good performance of the study fund.

Special assets:The investment capital of fund investors is managed as a special fund and is therefore subject to special protection against access.

Diversification: Education is a new asset class. An investment in Deutsche Bildung study funds hardly correlates with other asset classes and is therefore often used for diversification.

Broad portfolio: The students are selected strictly according to subjects, a large selection of renowned universities and future professional groups. This means a broadly diversified portfolio of successful young academics, with which the study fund prevents cluster risks. In addition, the students are trained, coached and networked with valuable contacts with the German Education Academy and thus prepared for a successful career start.

Low unemployment rate: The unemployment rate for academics (2.2%) is far below the unemployment rate for the overall market (September 2019: 4.9%).

This is what our customers say:

“With the study grant, it is possible for me to complete my dream study in England and thus prepare myself perfectly for my future!”

Jakob L.

“The German education helped me quickly and competently. The friendly team is always available and tries to solve problems quickly,
that's why the German education is now a steady partner for me to realize my academic success. "

Laura M.

“I'm not just a loan customer here, I'm part of a network in which everyone is interested in making my studies a success and then getting started. The diverse offers of the Academy are also not available anywhere else. "

Martin S.

Philosophy, Psychology and German Studies

“The study grant from German Education enables me to concentrate fully on my studies without having to worry about the repayment. - The best that could have happened to me! "

Hendrikje S.