What is gin made of

What is gin made of? That's in the drink

Gin was out for a long time. Today it is an in-drink that should not be missing at any party. Read here what the spirit is made of besides alcohol.

This is what gin is made of

In the EU and Switzerland, gin must have an alcohol content of at least 37.5 percent by volume.

  • The alcohol used for gin is distilled from grain or molasses.
  • Gin gets its characteristic taste from the flavoring with juniper berries.
  • This aromatization takes place during or after the distillation. The juniper berries are either placed in the raw alcohol and distilled with it, or the vapors of the alcohol are directed over the spice and take the aroma with it.
  • Additional, exclusively natural or nature-identical flavorings may be used in the production.
  • For example, coriander is a common ingredient in gin. The spices rosemary, thyme or cardamom as well as lemon, lime and bergamot as citrus fruits can give gin special aromas - but the juniper berry taste must always be in the foreground.

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