Can India win this T20 World Cup

Usage examples for "weltmeisterschaft" in German

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In 1983 we won that World Championship.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThe numbers on the occasion of the World Championship in Germany exceed the imagination. volume_upmore_vert
You may have noticed that the World Championship volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAnd that's how we won it World Championship in 1983 volume_upmore_vert
But India did not want to participate in the T20World Championship play along.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishFifa gives Brazil the host of the World Championship 2014 known volume_upmore_vert
I would like the Council and the Commission to attend to the 2006 meeting in Germany World Championship refer. volume_upmore_vert
EnglishSince the World Championship is taking place very soon in Germany, there is an urgent need for action
I am firmly against the ridiculous invitation to South Africa to give Zimbabwe to FIFAWorld Championship to boycott.volume_upmore_vert
Until the opening of the World Championship it's only six months left
We could feel the enthusiasm with which you are about this World Championship already preparing volume_upmore_vert
On the one hand, he said that he would take part in the World Championship supported volume_upmore_vert
An example is the Swiss national football team, which in 1994 and 2006 supported the football team.World Championship qualified.volume_upmore_vert
Take, for example, the Olympic Games or the Football World Cup, i.e. events with millions of viewers
We are close to the end of the season and are moving towards the World Championship zu.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishShe had Googled and whistledWorld Championship found - in America of course
German (Laughter) And so India had to go to the T20World Championship play along.volume_upmore_vert
But I don't want to talk about them World Championship speak in France, but make some general critical remarks
If Germany had a different right, then the German national team would have with the World Championship also performed better! volume_upmore_vert
EnglishBrazil wins the world championship for the fifth time World Championship in Japan and South Korea
EnglishAnd in 2004 I also took part in the World Championship participated and won. volume_upmore_vert
What are the options for the average citizen with such inflated prices on the part of the organizers World Championship? volume_upmore_vert
In the summer of this year, the Catalonian national roller hockey team was allowed to take part in the "B"World Championship in Macau. volume_upmore_vert
For example, we should think about preventing Iran from participating in the Football World Cup to be excluded in Germany
It's not just about European champions, we need world market leaders, because it's actually about one World Championship.volume_upmore_vert
On the eve of the World Championship I gave Commissioner Frattini the final list of signatures for the campaign against trafficking in women
EnglishWe will World Championship to a festival of peace and unity for all peoples of the world
For this reason, as I have already promised, we will immediately after the World Championship host a seminar volume_upmore_vert
It is expected that a total of more than 30 billion viewers will watch the just started World Championship on the television screens. volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThey will return to their homeland, where they will be able to work after being interrupted by the World Championship Expect discrimination, racism and xenophobia.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishFirst of all, I think it should be remembered how the distribution of tickets for the World Championship expires volume_upmore_vert
I would like to make a few comments about the analogy to Football World Cup close that we all watch on TV. volume_upmore_vert
I would like to join my colleagues in the House who helped France to win the World Championship have congratulated. volume_upmore_vert
The Korean people and I will do everything we can to ensure that the World Championship of 2002 goes down in history as the safest
EnglishIn connection with the FIFAWorld Championship attention has been given to the difficult situation regarding trafficking in women
EnglishFootball should be a festival and international encounters like one World Championship or a European championship should really be a feast for the people
I don't mean that Football World Cup, after the final between England and Ireland on the 6th volume_upmore_vert
The only effective measure to ensure that this is finally discussed is for the moment the consideration of whether Iran should not be removed from the World Championship can exclude volume_upmore_vert
Of course, this applies to both the World Championship as well as for the time after: such measures cannot simply be canceled in July. volume_upmore_vert
I urge all fans who come to the World Championship go, urgently to pay attention to these scandalous machinations and to report any suspicion of human trafficking immediately
I am voting in favor of this motion for a resolution because my main fear is that the FIFAWorld Championship will lead to a significant and unacceptable increase in trafficking in women
In this regard, I would like to refer to paragraph 8 of the motion for a resolution, which proposes that Zimbabwe be taken by the Football World Cup to exclude in 2010 volume_upmore_vert
I listened carefully and with great interest to the idea of ​​Zimbabwe from participating in the Football World Cup to exclude in 2010 volume_upmore_vert