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Earning money by playing - tips and Tricks

Making money online gambling isn't just for you if you are risk-taking or have an affinity for gambling. You can make a lot more money playing online games if you have discipline and are good at developing a strategy. So you are superior to your opponents and can easily earn money online.


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Ways to make money playing online games

There are several ways in which you can make money playing online games. The variety of game types is limitless. Various options are shown below:

Browser games

The big advantage of browser games is that they are free in almost all cases. All you have to do is load the appropriate page in your browser. However, the earnings are correspondingly low. There are only a small number of operators with whom you can earn money online through browser games.

This includes:

  • bananatic.com
  • elevengold.com
  • fussballmanager.de
  • onlinetennis.net

Browser games are not limited to use on a laptop, but can also be installed as an app on your smartphone. As already mentioned, the earnings are so small that you can hardly earn any money with it. If you are interested in browser games anyway and have fun playing, you can still earn the weekly coffee at your favorite kiosk.

Earn money straight away online: the best apps

Online poker

Poker is a highly addicting game. If you tend to do so, you should think in advance whether you should even start with it.

Most of the time you play against a computer in online poker. That means winning the game has become very difficult. In order to be able to make money with online poker you also have to be very disciplined. You have to be able to learn and be willing to invest a lot of time. Online poker should therefore no longer be your main choice when it comes to online games.

The big advantage of poker, however, is that once you understand the principle, you can make a lot of money. Nevertheless, you should weigh up the pros and cons in advance.

In order to make money playing online games, you should have a few basic requirements. On the one hand, you need the necessary software, i.e. an internet-enabled laptop or smartphone, to access the games.

As with any job, you should devote the time required. Sometimes you need time and patience to play online games. In order to earn money with games, you have to be at least 18 years old with most of the operators.

However, you should never let an online game take control of you. Games like poker or online trading in particular are highly addictive. Therefore, under no circumstances should you pay any money for a game if you cannot be absolutely sure that you will end up making more money with it. The risk of losing a lot of money through online games is very high. Many providers therefore rely on play money. With this you don't lose any money and still have full gaming enjoyment.

Skill Games

Skill Games are a form of games of skill. You play against real opponents. In addition to online poker, Still Games are the online games that make the most money. Nevertheless, don't expect a top salary here either. Still, you will be able to make more than 50 cents an hour.

How much you earn in the end actually depends on your ability. Luck plays less of a role here. SKill Games is about skill, speed, experience and reaction. The largest provider of skill games is GameDuell. All you need is a profile and you're good to go.

GameDuell offers you a large selection of different games. Over time, you will find out which games you are good at and how you can make money online with them. As already mentioned, at GameDuell you play against real opponents, i.e. against other real people. Another advantage of this provider is that you can play without money. This gives you the opportunity to train your skills first and then earn real money.

Become a game tester

As a game tester, your job, in addition to playing online games, is rather to evaluate the games and earn money from them. In addition to playing, your main task is to fill out questionnaires for the respective game. You give the game operator feedback on their game. He or she can adapt or even improve the game accordingly through the feedback.

Be prepared, however, that your earnings will not be particularly high. As a game tester, however, you can feel your way into the world of online games and thus possibly find your way to earn more money by playing online games in a few months.


By participating in a large number of competitions, you increase your chances of winning and thus your earning potential. You cannot earn money with every competition, but you can also sell non-cash prizes afterwards and still earn money.

When participating in online competitions, however, make sure that they are free and that you do not lose money just by participating. Participate in as many contests as you can. There are now many sites on the net that bundle current competitions and thus enable you to participate in as many competitions as possible.

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Especially in the last few years, eSport has developed rapidly. As in real life, online sports have grown into a true niche sport. The prize money is correspondingly high in the meantime. If you are good at an eSport you can actually secure prize money in the millions.

As in real sport, eSport offers many different disciplines. Try yourself out and find the discipline that suits you best. There are many famous examples who became millionaires from playing sports online.

Online trading

Online trading is the best way to make money online, especially among experts. To trade online, however, you should start small. It is important that you acquire the basics at the beginning so that you can earn a lot of money later.

Most online portals offer you the opportunity to start with a demo account. A demo account also gives you the opportunity to start completely risk-free. In this way you can get to know the principle of online trading without losing any money.

You can easily teach yourself online trading. In the beginning you will need to spend some time and patience with it. However, over time you will know where to invest and what to trade.

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