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MUNICH From April 12th, the following rules for visiting shops in accordance with Section 12, Paragraph 1, Clause 7, No. 2 of the 12. BayIfSMV in the version valid from April 12, 2021:


  • Individual customers have to book an appointment in advance for a fixed period of time ("Click & Meet")
  • Compliance with hygiene and distance rules
  • Submission of a negative test result in relation to an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (PCR test max. 48 hours old or POC antigen test max. 24 hours old or self-test under supervision), see below for regulations
  • The tests must be approved in Germany.


The following applies to the test procedure:


Rapid POC antigen tests in / in front of the shops

The rapid tests must be performed by a healthcare professional or trained personnel. Shops can offer quick tests themselves (or in cooperation with a private service provider), for example in front of the shop or in suitable rooms. To do this, they must be commissioned by the public health service (local health department) to carry out the so-called citizen tests. The tests are then open to all citizens, regardless of whether they want to visit the respective shop or not. Settlement takes place with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria.


In order to be able to carry out citizen tests, it is assumed that the tests are carried out properly. This is regularly ensured by evidence of medical training. In addition, the independently acquired rapid antigen tests must also be approved in Germany.

The operators avoid queues and crowds in front of shops by offering fixed time periods for their customers.


Proof of the result is issued by the test centers, which must then be presented when entering the shop, but which is also valid for other shops for a maximum of 24 hours. In principle, all people, regardless of age, can be tested with POC antigen tests. In the case of small children, make sure that only throat swabs are taken and that the swabs are only taken by adequately trained personnel. If necessary, the parents' declaration of consent for the implementation of small children should be obtained in writing. The manufacturer's operating instructions must be observed.

The list of approved antigen tests is available on the website of the Federal Office for Drugs and Medical Devices at


Self-tests in / in front of the shops

Under the “supervision” of the operator (four-eyes principle), a self-test with an antigen rapid test approved in Germany for lay use can also be carried out. This is not financed by the KVB. In the context of communication with their customers, the stores determine whether the self-tests are provided by the stores or have to be brought by customers. The necessary AHA rules must be strictly adhered to. Alternatively, self-organized and self-financed self-test stations of the operator with trained staff can be used. In any case, an assignment of the result must be guaranteed (e.g. through fixed waiting bays). The result can be read after an average of 15 minutes. If it is negative, the person is entitled to enter this shop. Here, too, only approved self-tests are to be used.


A solution is being worked on to combine self-tests with digital test evidence in order to also enable other shops to be entered. The self-test market is currently still being developed and the digital verification solution is still in preparation. So far, the self-test under supervision only authorizes entering the respective shop, in front of which the self-test was carried out.


The list of approved self-tests ("rapid antigen test for laypersons") can be found on the website of the Federal Office for Drugs and Medical Devices at under "Tests for self-use by laypeople" retrievable.


Where else can you get tested?

An overview of the numerous free test options as part of the Bavarian test strategy is available here: Under this link, users can find everything they need to know about the Bavarian test offering: an overview of the local test centers (PCR tests and rapid antigen tests), a link to search for doctors from participating contract doctors of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of the Bavarian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVB) who take part in the test program and the searchable one List of pharmacies that offer rapid antigen tests.


At these test points, the people who tested negative receive proof of the date, which must then be presented to the operator when the booked period begins. The PCR test must not have been carried out more than 48 hours and the POC antigen test may not have been carried out more than 24 hours before entering the store.


Dealing with positive results

If the result of the POC antigen test is positive, the following happens:


  1. Access to the shop is denied.
  2. The affected person must isolate himself, i.e. go home immediately (according to the AV isolation).
  3. The person concerned must report to the health department, which will inform them of how to proceed. A positive rapid test result must always be checked using a PCR test (see the test options mentioned above).


If the result of a self-test is positive, the following happens:


  1. Access to the shop is denied.
  2. The person concerned should isolate himself, avoid all contact as much as possible, and have the result checked by a PCR test.


Important: A test is only ever a snapshot. It does not exempt you from the generally applicable distance and hygiene measures.


  • If the incidence is below 50: no requirement for shopping in the local store
  • If the incidence is below 100: appointment shopping without a test
  • If the incidence is over 200: the goods are collected from the local shop without a test
  • No corona test is required for all shops that are open regardless of incidence.


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Press release no. 122/21