What is the international project of the NHAI

Promotion of integration through advice

Project Hoa Nhai - Yasmine Flowers

A project to support Vietnamese children and young people

Target group of the project:

Our project is aimed at children and young people - especially those with a Vietnamese migration background - between the ages of 12 and 18 years.

This project is intended to give the children and young people the opportunity to get to know and test their own abilities and skills and thus gain confidence in their mental, emotional and physical capabilities. Self-confidence is the prerequisite for experiencing independence and initiative. The Vietnamese children and adolescents can learn through a stable self-esteem and self-affirmation system to make themselves relatively independent of external or external confirmation. They should learn to demonstrate self-confidently and confidently, despite the sometimes negative behavior on the part of society, and to ascribe successes to their own competencies. In order to enable the development of female self-confidence, it is therefore important to promote the factors of self-esteem and to uncover and specifically contain the emergence of feelings of inferiority. The promotion of these competencies enables the children and young people to develop resilience and thus to find a healthy emotional balance.


On the one hand, our aim is to create a protected space in which it is possible for children and young people to exchange ideas with one another and to develop a sense of community through shared experiences. At the same time, the children and young people should enjoy their free time and be able to design it according to their interests.

With dance, singing and theater groups as well as a creative workshop, the children and young people have the opportunity to try out their artistic skills. Furthermore, the organization of various topic-related workshops - such as self-assertion, self-defense, sexual education, etc. - aims to strengthen the self-worth and self-confidence of children and adolescents.


Leisure time



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Offer location:

Reistrommel e.V., Coswiger Stra├če 5, 12681 Berlin 4th floor

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