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Gorakhpur, India

Close to the border with Nepal is Gorakhpur, a larger city and religious center for Buddhists, Hindus, Jainists and Sikhs.

Buddhism and Jainism have their roots in this ancient city, the history of which begins well before our era. Gautama Buddha preached here, and Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, also worked here - around the same time as Buddha. Both religions originated around 500 BC. In response to the frozen structures of Brahmanism, the predecessor religion of Hinduism, and both became widespread in the centuries that followed. But while Buddhism has always been in competition with Hinduism and is now almost completely displaced by it in India, Jainism - although a "minority religion" with just over 4 million followers - is still very influential.
Gorakhpur's namesake is a Hindu saint who probably lived in the 12th century: Guru Gorakshanath. Numerous holy scriptures are ascribed to him and he founded the Hindu order Nath Pantha, which is still headquartered in Gorakhpur. "Hatha Yoga" also goes back to Guru Gorkashnat, the form of yoga that focuses on physical and breathing exercises. There is also a temple in the city in honor of Gorakshanat Gorakhnath temple.

In the 12th century Gorakhpur, like all of northern India, was conquered by the Muslims and became part of the Mughal Empire. In 1801 the city fell to the East India Company and came under British control. From the middle of the 19th century Gorakhpur became a center of the Indian independence movement. An event of supraregional importance and a turning point in India's struggle for independence was the incident of Chauri Chaurawhere on February 4, 1922 an indignant crowd stormed the police station, burned it down and murdered 19 police officers. In response to this act of violence, Mahatma Gandhi broke off the non-cooperation campaign that had begun two years earlier.

What you have to see!

Today Gorakhpur is primarily a business center with its own university, but it also lives well from its spiritual and cultural past. So it is seat of Gita Press, the world's largest publisher of Hindu scripts. In the publishing house, which itself looks like a golden shimmering temple, there is also a gallery with a large collection of Indian (Hindu) paintings.

As the center of four religions, Gorakhpur naturally has a large number of temple complexes. Are of interest to the visitor next to Gorakhnath temple also the Vishnu and the Aroyga temple and the Buddha Museum. A memorial is also dedicated to the events of 1922, Chauri Chaura shaheed smarak.

There are also several places of great interest and religious importance in the vicinity of Gorakhpur. Kushinagar like where Buddha is buried, or Magharwhere the mystic and poet Kabir lived and died around 1500. Both places are only a few kilometers away and can be visited in a day trip.

The parks of Gorakhpur offer peace and relaxation, such as the Premchand Park, the Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park, the Govt. Whee Park, or the Kusumhi Vinod Van Park with its small zoo, which children especially will love. Well worth seeing and informative is that too Nehru Entertainment Parkdedicated to Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India.

Finally, Gorakhpur is also famous for its great tradition of Indian folk music and folk dances. Several Festivals offer interesting concerts and events throughout the year that bring the visitor closer to Indian musical culture.

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Hotels and food

Gorakhpur has a variety of modern hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. For shopping fans: Gorakhpur is famous for the terracotta sculptures made here!

Have fun and lots of impressions on your trip to Gorakhpur!

Text by Gerhard Waiz

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