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What does "Thank U, next" mean in German? Translation, meaning

"Thank U, next" is a song by Ariana Grande released on November 3, 2018, and a music video released on YouTube on November 6. The phrase “Thank U, next” means “Thank you, next” in German. What do you mean with that?

What does “Thank U, next” by Ariana Grande mean in German? translation

Thank U, Next is for Ariana Grande's ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. With "Thank U" she expresses that she has grown and become stronger through the separation. It stands for gratitude for the time and experiences together. "Next" means that it is now ready for the next one.
In the song she sings, among other things, "I'm so f * ckin‘ grateful for my ex ". The text line says in German: "I am so grateful for my ex."

In the song she also sings about "One taught me love", "One taught me patience" and "And one taught me pain". In German: "One taught me love", "One taught me patience" and "One taught me pain". By this she means that the experiences of past relationships have their influence and have learned a lot from them.

Her (laudable) attitude stands for the fact that she has finished with the breakup, has grown from it and has no horror against her ex-fiancé. She learned from the separation and is now a different (grown) person.

Editor's note: A breakup always goes hand in hand with disappointment. This is uncomfortable, but it helps, because disappointment always means that expectations are not met and deceptions are resolved. Something should be learned from this.

What does “Next” mean in German in this context? translation

Saying "Next" is quite common in the English language. "Next" means that an offer or suggestion has been rejected and yet the next should come. This can sometimes come across as very impolite.

“Next” means in German: “Next”.

MTV turned it into a show: Next.

MTV Next

In the dating show, a person got to know several dating partners one after the other. If the person had enough of one person or was no longer interested in talking to the person, they called "Next". The result was that the rejected person had to leave and someone new came along. One person could meet up to five dating partners.

MTV made dating a kind of game, because the rejected dating partners received one US dollar for every minute they were on the date.

If the date ran to the end without “Next” being said, the other partner had the choice of taking the money or going on a second date with the person.

Editor's note: Sometimes it seems very impolite to just say "Next". However, the hard "Next" saves time for both people. Because if one of them already knew that nothing would come of the meeting, neither of them had to waste their time.

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