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At least as decisive for success as the integration of the fan in the cooling system is its design and dimensioning in terms of blade type, blade angle and their number, outer and hub diameter and installation position. That is why Voith offers you an individual fan concept that is precisely tailored to your requirements.

Our high-performance fans are suitable for all off-road applications on the market. Thanks to our deep and longstanding aerodynamic know-how, Voith fans require less drive power and are therefore more fuel efficient and up to 8 db (A) quieter than standard fans.

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Voith offers the right fan concept for your off-road applications.

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SilentVent - progress that comes very quietly

Noise represents a high level of pollution for people and the environment. This also applies to the use of off-road applications. But in contrast to cars, it is not the engine that generates the highest noise levels under certain operating conditions, but the cooling devices and, above all, their fans.
Ever stricter exhaust gas regulations and increasing performance requirements require ever higher cooling capacities with simultaneously falling noise levels of the cooling systems. Two requirements that fundamentally contradict each other! The SilentVent fulfills both of them.

Higher drive powers require higher cooling capacities

The completely new axial fan fulfills this. At the same time, it enables the noise level of the cooling systems to drop. The geometry of the new fan has been decisively improved and the inflow and outflow acoustically optimized.

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Fan technology from Voith in the world's most powerful standard tractor

With an output of up to 500 hp, the 1000 Vario from Fendt is the most powerful standard tractor in the world. At the heart of its newly developed Concentric Air System (CAS), a high-performance fan from Voith provides the necessary cooling.
Voith also supported Fendt in the design of the tractor in order to develop a cooling system that is compact and space-saving. This made it possible to achieve a shorter and slimmer bonnet, which gives the driver a better view.
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