What is General Motors AppShop

General Motors lets developers try out apps right in the car

Users of the Next-Generation Infotainment Software Development Kit (NGI SDK) released in January 2017 now have the opportunity to try out their applications in GM vehicles in the United States. To do this, they have to provide General Motors with the identification number of a compatible vehicle and release the app for tests. After a thorough check and determination of suitability, the GM Dev Client that has now been presented appears in the vehicle's AppShop.

As soon as it is installed, the accepted app should be displayed in the car's infotainment system and can thus be tested. To avoid accidents, security measures in the client should ensure that the driver is excluded from tests as soon as the vehicle is in motion. It should be possible to try out adjustments to the application immediately. After the SDK has probably met with a lot of interest from partners and developers, GM is planning to expand the offer at the end of the year and, for example, to release templates for the layout of the media player.

In order to be able to develop apps for GM vehicles, including the brands Chevrolet and Cadillac, interested developers must register at developer.gm.com, which is not available at the time of this announcement, and download the SDK. The latter provides a range of tools with which over 400 simulated data points such as location, speed and network connection can be accessed in order to be able to develop apps without direct access to an infotainment system. (jul)

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