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Gordon Ramsay: Popular thanks to Gigi Hadid

December 17, 2020 - 3:00 p.m.

Thanks to his acquaintance with Gigi Hadid, Gordon Ramsay can collect plus points from his children.

The British TV chef made friends with the supermodel on the show 'Masterchef Celebrity Showdown' in 2016 and the two stars have been in regular contact ever since. As a result, he suddenly became incredibly popular with his daughters Megan (22), Holly (20) and Tilly (19), whom he is raising with his wife Tana. "My daughters love me. But not because I'm a damn good cook. They love me because I talk to Gigi Hadid. That's the only reason they want to talk to me," jokes the 54-year-old.

At least the blonde beauty is what Gordon appreciates for his culinary skills. "Gigi sent me a pasta dish on Instagram a few weeks ago and said 'Chef, what do you think?' And I was like 'girl, that's good. It's really damn good,' "the TV star told People magazine.

Nonetheless, the family, which also consists of Gordon's sons Jack (20) and Oscar (19 months), likes to spend time together, including during the Corona lockdown. "It felt like we'd crammed ten vacations at once, put them on a plate and decorated them with parsley. We laughed, we cried, we fell in love, we fell in love and we came out of it so strengthened", raves the restaurateur. "We are closer than ever before."

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