Who raised Jon Snow?

Is Jon Snow Immune To Fire?

Jon dipped his hand in the flames, grabbed a handful of burning curtains, and whipped them on the body. Let it burn, he prayed, as the cloth choked the corpse, gods, please, please, let it burn.

A Game of Thrones - Jon VII


"You don't look good. How is your hand?"

"Cure." Jon moved his bandaged fingers to show him. He was burned more than he knew , that he the burning Curtains were thrown, and his right hand was wrapped in silk to the elbow. At the time he had felt nothing; The agony had come after that. Fluid oozed from his cracked red skin, and fearsome blood blisters rose between his fingers, the size of cockroaches. "The maester says I'll have scars, but otherwise the hand should be as good as it was before."

A Game of Thrones - Jon VIII


He moved his burned hand as he rode, opening and closing the scarred fingers. They still hurt him, but it felt good to take the covers off.

A Game of Thrones - Jon IX


He gave Jon a long, searching look. "But we were talking about hands. How are you?"

"Better." Jon took off his moleskin glove and showed it to him. Scars covered his arm halfway up his elbow, and the mottled pink flesh was still firm and tender, but it was healing. "It itches, though. Maester Aemon says that's good. He gave me an ointment that I can take with me when we ride."

A Battle of Kings - Jon I.