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Customer management:
5 reasons why existing customers are so valuable

Regardless of whether it is the local retailer who has been making tailor-made offers to customers who have been well-known for years, or the e-commerce operator who uses marketing automation to send the users individually tailored print mailings: the dialogue with existing customers can be made far more targeted and relevant than addressing potential new customers. On the basis of existing customer data and user profiles - increasingly with the help of artificial intelligence - a valuable dialogue can be set up with existing customers.

4.)  Satisfied existing customers recommend products and brands to other users.

Recommendations from satisfied customers are more important than ever for companies to survive. Whether in social media or in a real social environment: satisfied existing customers are happy to recommend brands and products and to act as “brand ambassadors”. The maintenance of existing customers by means of relevant communication, service offers and after-sales support increases the chance that users will make recommendations - a key success factor in saturated markets.

5.)  Addressing existing customers is less complicated in terms of data protection law and benefits from trust.

The new data protection regulations have not exactly simplified the dialog between companies and users. Communication with existing customers is still harmless and much less complicated than addressing new customers - provided that existing legal data protection regulations are complied with. Apart from these legal aspects, communication with existing customers also benefits in particular from the trust that develops between the company and the customer in the course of the business relationship. By the way: In contrast to e-mail addresses, postal customer addresses are unproblematic to use even after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force.

Text: Christof Lippert

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