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02/09/2012 - Company announcement, Corporate

Berlin, February 9, 2012 -The adjustment of the business model to increase sustainable revenue and earnings components had an effect in the first quarter of the 2011/12 financial year (Oct.-Dec. 2011) of Beta Systems Software AG (BSS, ISIN DE0005224406), as the Berlin-based company published in its interim announcement today announced within the first half of the 2011/12 financial year.
Earnings figures Oct.-Dec. 2011 at a glance:

  • Revenue: € 12.0 million (Oct.-Dec. 2010: € 15.8 million)
  • EBIT (operating result): € 2.0 million (Oct.-Dec. 2010: € -2.0 million)
  • EBITDA: € 2.5 million (Oct.-Dec. 2010: € -1.1 million)
  • Earnings before income taxes: € 2.1 million (Oct.-Dec. 2010: € -1.6 million)
  • Result for the business period: € 1.8 million (Oct.-Dec. 2010: € -1.5 million)
  • Earnings per common share: € 0.13 (Oct.-Dec. 2010: € -0.12)

Maintenance sales - after stabilizing in the previous quarters - increased for the first time compared to the previous year. In the course of this adjustment, software and service revenues also fell due to the low level of new business with GRC solutions and classic infrastructure software solutions.

For the first time, on a three-month basis, the comprehensive savings in total operating expenses were fully visible after the restructuring was completed. Of the savings in total operating expenses totaling € 7.7 million, € 4.6 million was due to the elimination of restructuring expenses, € 1.1 million resulted from the decrease in sales-related costs and € 2.0 million attributable to sustainable cost reductions. The resultant clearly positive operating result (EBIT) forms a good starting point for the rest of the financial year. Building on this, the development of the cash flow from operating activities also gives reason for optimism. As expected, this was negative in the first quarter of 2011/12, but improved compared to the same period of the previous year.

additional Information
The complete interim report for the first half of the 2011/12 financial year (October 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011) was published today at http://www.betasystems.de in the Investor Relations / Financial Reports / 2011/12 section.