What is an inexpensive natural cleaner

Natural home remedies instead of aggressive cleaning agents

Bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, scouring milk, tile cleaning agents, carpet cleaners, disinfectants, limescale removers, fabric softeners: advertising and the endless cleaning agent shelves in supermarkets convey that a separate product is required for each application.

But conventional cleaning agents are often not only harmful to our healthbut also for that environment. Synthetic ingredients allow the mucous membranes and skin to dry out, making the body more susceptible to rashes and allergies. Most washing-active substances are made from petroleum and many products also contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colorings. These environmentally harmful substances ultimately end up in the wastewater and contaminate it.

But it doesn't have to be that way: almost all of the ingredients that you actually need for cleaning can be found Manufacture yourself with simple home remedies without much effort. In addition, this not only saves costs for expensive cleaning products, but can also do something good for your own health and the environment. Because home remedies such as vinegar, citric acid, soda and baking soda are not nearly as aggressive as many commercially available cleaning agents and are also biodegradable.

The biggest advantage of making your own cleaning products is that Lots of plastic waste should be avoided can. If you are careful when shopping for home remedies, you can get almost all of the ingredients and ingredients packaged in (easily recyclable) glass or paper. In addition, the highly concentrated household remedies vinegar, soda, baking soda and citric acid are often more productive than many conventional cleaning agents or detergents in the bottle. This means that there is significantly less packaging waste. In addition, the home remedies are often cheaper than ready-made cleaning agents. For example, you pay at least 1.50 euros per liter for a conventional pipe cleaner - one application (approx. Half a bottle) costs around 75 cents. Soda and vinegar are already available for around 1 euro per 500 grams or liter. This results in well under 20 cents per drain cleaning.

Many of the home remedies have additional uses in the kitchen or as care products - we recommend: Just do some research!
A source of ideas or a means of inspiration is, for example, the book: “Five home remedies replace a drugstore” by Smarticular.