Why are you broke

15 signs you're almost broke

by Isabella Müller-Reinhardt

There is that moment when you no longer dare to look at your account. Feel the signs! ZASTER names 15 signs that make it clear to you earlier: You are going broke.

Your customer advisor in the bank no longer offers you coffee or cookies. No red flags either.

The postman is ringing the doorbell recently and handing you the letters personally.

In the supermarket, you only pay with receipts from the returnable bottle machine.

You remembered that you still have a grandma and suddenly you call her every day.

You can ask the kids in the neighborhood what the hourly wage is for babysitting.

Your cell phone can now only receive calls.

You look for change in your winter jackets in summer.

Suddenly you find cycling totally environmentally conscious.

You take toilet paper and creamer with you when you work.

You reach for coins in every parking ticket machine as you pass.

Just in time for warm lunch you are recently standing on the mat at your parents' home to “mow the lawn”.

And you also notice there: Your old children's room is not that small after all.

You spend your free time in front of the Apple Store. Or the Starbucks toilet.

You google "Peter Zwegat".

Such a cold shower in the morning should also be great for the circulation.

The Munich native, who grew up in Madrid, has been working as a sports presenter for various German and English television channels for more than twenty years. Müller-Reinhardt's stations include ARD, ITV, Sport1, Sky and Arena. In addition, she chats in a podcast about "women stuff", writes various sports columns and published her first book in summer 2020, "Mensch Trainer".

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