Why do people play MMORPGs

What does "MMO" mean and what is an MMORPG?

Anyone who plays on the Internet sooner or later stumbles across the abbreviation MMO. But what is behind it? What exactly is an MMO and what are the differences to RPGs and MMORPGs?

What is an MMO?

MMO stands for Massively multiplayer online game (and should strictly speaking MMOG be called). It means that many people are playing a game online at the same time and typically interacting with each other.

You can interact with other players in an MMO, e.g. by chatting to them or by gesturing (waving, bowing, etc.) with your game character. Many MMOs also offer tasks, so-called quests, that can only be solved in a group.

As a rule, you see the characters and figures of other players walking around in the world and can, for example, address them directly or challenge them to a duel.

What does MMORPG mean?

The abbreviation MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games and is the best known variant of MMOs.

In these online role-playing games, the best-known example of which is World of Warcraft, you and your character discover a virtual world in which you constantly encounter other players who either belong to your faction or to an enemy faction.

What does RPG mean in games?

RPG stands for "Role Playing Game".

In computer role-playing games, the player usually slips into the role of a game character with attributes that the player steadily improves over time. Here the player can choose in which direction he would like to specialize his character.

In some RPGs, the player also makes decisions in the course of the game that influence the further course of the story and the interaction with the game world.

What is the difference between MMORPG and RPG?

An MMORPG is a special form of RPG and denotes a role-playing game that is played with many other players simultaneously and online is played.

The term RPG can accordingly be seen as an umbrella term for many forms of role-playing games.

MMORPGs are one of them, but there are also role-playing games that are played offline and alone (single player). Pen & paper role-playing games, which are actually played with pen and paper in good company, also fall under the umbrella term RPG.

Is League of Legends an MMO?

League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Although this is also played online with other players, it cannot be called a “massive multiplayer online game” due to the small team sizes.

Browser games

To play many MMOs you need a client that you can download. More and more MMOs can also be played directly in the browser. Here you can find examples of free browser games.

Free MMOs

Many MMOs are available to you for free (Free2Play). In these games you will usually find an in-game shop where you can buy special items for your character or access to special areas in the game world for real money.

You can do the following MMOs play for free:


In the action browser game DarkOrbit, you take command of a spaceship, which is still quite small at the beginning and which you steer through space in real time. On your forays into the vastness of space you will repeatedly meet other players who are not necessarily friendly to you ...

Allods Online

The client-based MMO Allods Online takes you into a large fantasy universe in which the two factions League and Empire are in battle. You will experience numerous exciting adventures in the various allods that are distributed in the astral space.


In the pirate browser game Seafight you become a wild pirate who makes the oceans unsafe. At the beginning you start with a rather small pirate ship, which you gradually expand. You steer your ship across the seas in real time, where you will encounter loads of hostile players.

You can find a large selection of free MMO games here: Free MMO Games

MMOs with a subscription model

In contrast to Free2Play MMOs, an MMO with a subscription model is not generally available for free. There is a monthly subscription fee for these games, but all options in the game are then open to you. You don't have to buy a certain region or a special item for real money like in some Free2Play MMOs.

The following MMOs bet on Subscription model:


In the MMORPG RIFT you as a skeptic or guardian discover the fantasy world Telara, in which the primal forces of death, life, fire, water, air and earth fight for supremacy. Your armed forces send the plains into the world through sudden cracks in the sky. »More about RIFT

 World of Warcraft

In the MMORPG World of Warcraft you dive into the fantasy world of Azeroth, which is full of secrets, adventure and magic. You can choose your character from 12 races and 10 classes. »More on World of Warcraft

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