How to delete an Instagram post

Instagram: delete comments - this is how it works

Of course, Instagram lives not only from its photos, but also from the comments under posts. If you've written something wrong or received something inappropriate, we'll show you how to delete a comment on Instagram.

You can delete your own comments under other people’s posts as well as third-party comments under your posts.

Remove comments

How to remove a comment on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app and navigate to the photo with the comment that you want to delete.
  2. Tap and hold the comment on the phone screen (Android) or swipe the post to the left (iOS).
  3. The comment is marked and a new menu appears.
  4. Here you choose the trash can symbol.

If someone else comments, you have the option of removing the post and reporting it to Instagram at the same time. This means that Instagram members who may be disruptive and who violate the terms of use will be blocked.

How do you find your own comments?

If you can no longer find the post with your comment, you must first export your Instagram data:

  1. To do this, call the Settings on.
  2. Select the section security.
  3. over Download data you will receive all interactions of your account by email.
  4. Open the file comments.jsonto find your own comments.
  5. With the corresponding information, you search for the article in the app.

If you acted rashly, it may be possible to restore a deleted comment. However, this must be done immediately after the deletion process. After deleting the post, you will see the confirmation with the option at the bottom of the screen Undone. Tap the button to get the comment back. If the button is not displayed, too much time has passed and the option is no longer available.

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