What is a telephone operator

Operator & operator

Job description and tasks:
One of the main tasks of a telephone operator is to take calls and, if necessary, to pass them on to another subscriber. In large companies in particular, telephone operators are required to assign the caller to the desired conversation partner. In control centers or at emergency call centers, they are called dispatchers. The operator will find their jobs, e.g. in visitor reception, in sales, in switchboards, in administration, a telephone hotline or advice center. Not only do they forward calls, they also create memos, if necessary, or record customer calls in the database. The operator, the operator, work in branches of the economy of all companies, in associations or organizations, with interest groups or public administrations. Here they also give information over the phone and make appointments. Depending on the area of ​​activity, they can also be responsible for taking orders and various office tasks. This includes, for example, receiving or sending faxes, writing and receiving e-mails. They also do the mail and are responsible for various paperwork. You order the necessary office supplies and are responsible for their storage.
Possible industries are chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, financial services, trade, restaurants, hotels and tourism. But also in management, law and taxes as well as advice, or food production, paper, traffic or transport.
Professional handling of technical systems, such as telephone systems, computers, special software, but also scheduling, is part of the job profile. Since the operator is in conversation with customers and visitors, a friendly, courteous demeanor and voice are part of the job description. Good expressiveness and a service-oriented demeanor, as well as a good knowledge of English in some cases, are requirements for telephone operators. Depending on the company, shift work may also be possible. In addition, great resilience, independence and a sense of responsibility are part of the job description.

Salary and wages:
The operator's wages depend heavily on the company in question and the responsibility involved. On average, gross earnings of € 2,100 per month are paid out. Many years of professional experience can increase the salary, and vacation pay or 13th monthly salary are usually paid.

Training and further education:
There is no classic apprenticeship as a telephone operator. However, prior commercial training is usually an advantage. Access professions are often call center agents, clerks for office communication, or service specialists for dialogue marketing. For this reason, no generally applicable access preconditions or retraining or further training can be specified. Before deciding on this profession, pay for an internship. Here you can find out whether you really live up to the great responsibility in this profession. An application template is available on the Internet for a successful application. This sample solution helps to create a professional application.

Job offers:
Employment agencies can help you find the right job. But job vacancies in newspapers or on the Internet can also help with the job search.