Can I use a Jio phone internationally?

Airtel international roaming: Here's how to choose the best plan when you travel abroad

If you are an Airtel customer, traveling internationally just got easier.

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The most irritating thing about traveling abroad is that shell an extra amount on data packs. And if you're a frequent traveler and has switched to Airtel recently, there are plenty of things you will appreciate about telco's new international roaming packs. There are three different international plans that you can choose from, depending on the length of your stay. This is really useful as you end up paying less than what you usually pay for an international roaming.

So if you are planning to travel abroad, make sure that you check out Airtel's new international roaming packs before you leave the country. Here is a quick look at Airtel international roaming plans.

Major international countries are covered

When traveling abroad, you should know that Airtel international roaming packs are applicable in a number of major countries including the US, China, Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, France, Mauritius, the UK, and others.

Here is a list of the countries where international roaming is available:

These international roaming plans are in dozens of countries.

How much do the plans cost to the user?

The international roaming pack varies from country to country. For example, if you are traveling to the US, a roaming pack with a validity of 10 days, 3GB of data and unlimited calls will cost Rs 2998. The same pack for Singapore, for example, costs Rs 1197 France have the same international roaming plans, ideal if you opt for a single plan - it works perfectly in the euro zone. Users should note that the shell is a bit more sensitive to international roaming when traveling to South American and South African countries.

When it comes to calling, cellular, and texting, here's how it stack up:

The international roaming pack varies from country to country.

The telecom operators offer the three international roaming packs. In the case of the US, the cheapest plan is Rs 646. The plan is only valid for one day and includes 500MB of data, unlimited calls, 100 free SMS and 100 minutes of free calls to India. The 30-day plan offers free 5GB of data, 500 minutes of conversation, 100 free SMS, and costs Rs 3999. The 10-day plan is, as previously mentioned, you get access to 3GB of data, unlimited calling, and 250 minutes of conversation costs Rs 2998.

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How can I activate an international roaming pack?

It is not an important task to activate the international roaming pack on your updated Airtel cell phone number. You can activate it by visiting Airtel's official website. Alternatively, you can use My Airtel app to buy the international roaming pack.

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