How was Cleopatra's name depicted in hieroglyphics

How do you write your name in hieroglyphics? - for advanced

4. Names in Greco-Roman times

Alexander at the Luxor Temple

In Greco-Roman times there were enough rulers with a Greek or Latin name. They were represented as pharaohs and their names were written in cartouches. Even titles like Caesar (ΚΑΙΣΑΡΟΣ) or Autokrator were written in cartouches: for the former and for the last one.

Studying a few examples will help us understand the sign system of that time. Our Alexander will meet us again in it, in the Greek form Alexandros:

The following alphabet could be derived from this, this time only giving the equivalent in the Latin alphabet:

As you can see, there are sometimes several characters available for one letter, and vice versa, some characters can be used for several letters. With this richly varied Ptolemaic "alphabet" one could at least write one's name in the late Egyptian manner, instead one uses a different alphabet today.