Is there a way to unlock Chrome extensions anyway?

Lock tab prevents important tabs from accidentally closing [Chrome]

By default, web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer will prompt you whenever you close multiple tabs, but Chrome doesn't have this feature. This makes sense since many Firefox users have it disabled anyway. There is a certain type of website or webpage that will ask you to close when you compose a message in Gmail. This is useful as it will not cause you to lose work. Lock tab, a Chrome extension, allows you to lock pages while you surf the Internet. The extension prevents important tabs from accidentally closing while surfing the Internet. Users can lock tabs by clicking the button in the address bar or using the Ctrl + Alt + L Abbreviation. As soon as you have locked a page, the title of the tab changes and a Locked The keyword is added to the tab. Also, when a tab is locked, any new pages searched on the same tab are automatically locked. When the tab is locked and the Freeze Page option is selected, all links on the page will open in new tabs.

Once you lock the page, the icon will appear, the tab title will be changed and a blocked keyword will be added before the original tab title. The extension adds a padlock icon in the URL bar that you can click to lock or unlock tabs. The icon changes to reflect the status of the tab.

Once you lock the page, you will notice that the title of the tab changes and a Locked The keyword is added before the original tab title. When you close the window or tab, a Confirm navigation Message is displayed immediately. To navigate away from the page, click Leave this pageOtherwise click Stay on this page Possibility.

Lock tab options allow you to activate Show hit display on locked tabs, automatically lock new pages, activate keyboard shortcuts and Freeze page after locked page the settings. Once you're done, press the Save and close and you're good to go.

The extension will ensure that you never accidentally close important tabs and don't make closing unusable tabs a two-step process. The extension recognizes the importance of confirming the close of an important tab and allows users to freely implement it on any website or tab that they need. This extension can be useful when you want to make sure a tab doesn't accidentally close. However, it has its limitations and may not work on new Chromes Pages, Extension Pages, and Gmail Pages because the JavaScript code cannot be pasted into these domains.

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