Why do schools shorten transition times?

Education - Big impact on Aargau's school system: One year less school becomes expensive

Big impact on Aargau's school system: One year less school becomes expensive

In Aargau, the duration of school is to be shortened from 13 to 12 years until the high school Matura. There is broad consensus on this in education policy. However, it is now evident that the shortening cannot be achieved in the short term and the expected savings effect will only materialize after a few years. Even more: In the first few years, the shortening will cost the canton quite dearly. For example, in the transitional period, high school graduate years have to be run twice, which leads to more classes at the canton schools that require space that has yet to be procured.

In a motion, FDP councilor Sabina Freiermuth demanded that the government council should point out the consequences of the implementation of the reform project “shortening the duration of school until the high school Matura”. Variants should be presented, the results should be part of the planning report for the Aargau secondary school landscape.

In its response, the government states that the space requirements for secondary schools will increase in any case in the next few years. The canton is therefore considering the construction of two new secondary schools. The Fricktal should finally get a Kanti, the second should come to stand between Aarau and Baden.

There are various options for shortening the school duration from 13 to 12 years, explains the government council. For example, the variant of a new long-term high school would actually trigger a large additional need for school space. In addition, even in the introductory phase, more classrooms will be needed in the short term than are available today. In the long term, however, the space requirement will normalize at the level of demographic development.

Because the shortening of the school duration requires additional classroom, the consequences for the spatial utilization of the secondary schools and the financial requirements are presented in the planning report “Aargau Middle School: Development Strategy 2040”, the government announced. That is why she is ready to receive the motion that demands exactly that.