What are the best recipes for Ganesh Chaturthi

“Oh Vinayaka54You who remove all obstacles, son of Shiva, small, with the mouse as your vehicle, with sweet pudding in hand, with big ears and a long hanging trunk. I bow to your lotus-like feet! "

Ganesha Chaturthi
, the birthday of Ganesha, is one of the most famous Hindu festivals. This day is whole Ganesha consecrated. It falls on the 4th day of the two-week phase of the waxing moon (i.e. after the new moon) of the month Bhadrapada (August / September) and is celebrated across India as well as by Hindus around the world.

Clay figures Ganeshas are made, worshiped for two or sometimes ten days, and then given to the water.

is the elephant-headed god. In all prayers he is called first. His names are repeated at the beginning of all activities or worship rituals. Ganesha is the energy behind strength and wisdom. He is the oldest son Shivas and the brother of Skanda (also Kartikeya called). Because he has the energy Shivas is, he is also called the son of Shankara and Umadevi. Mothers hope for by worshiping Ganesha his great virtues also for their sons.

There is the following legend about his birth and how he got his elephant head:

55, the wife Shivas, once created from the mud on her body during a bath Ganesha as a pure white creature.

She put him in front of the entrance to the house and told him not to go to anyone
let in while bathing. Well came Shiva home - he was very thirsty - and was at the entrance of Ganesha held up. Shiva got angry and cut off his head for thinking he was a stranger.

was deeply saddened by it. To comfort her, commanded Shiva his servants, the first creature who slept with its head turned north, to cut off its head and bring it to him. The servants only found one elephant that met this condition. They performed the appropriate act of sacrifice and brought Shivathe head of the elephant.

put the elephant head on the body of Ganesha. Shiva had his son venerated at the beginning of all activities such as weddings, trips, studies, etc. and ordered that the 4th day of the waxing moon phase of the month Bhadrapada especially of admiration Ganeshas should be dedicated.

The blessings and the support Ganeshas are beneficial to every undertaking. In the state Maharashtra the first graders learn this in the first lesson Ganesha mantra Om Shri Ganeshaya Namahbefore learning the alphabet.

has many other names, for example Dhumraketu, Sumukha, Ekadantha, Gajakarnaka, Lambodara, Vignaraja, Vigna Vinayaka, Ganadhyaksha, Phalachandra, Gajanana, Vinayaka, Vakratunda, Siddhivinayaka, Surpakarna, Heramba, Skandapurvaja, Kapila, Vignehswan or Maha.

- Admirers repeat one of the Ganesha mantras how Om Gam Ganapathaye Namah, Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah or that Ganesha-Gayatri: