How do I feel happy again 1

Psychology of happiness.

Happiness is really not a matter of luck. Of course, we can leave it to chance to experience something that makes us feel happy. However, we can also help happiness by consciously looking for our personal happiness and thus increasing the chances of increased moments of happiness. Let's take a look at some tips that favor happiness. Here are 11 tips and strategies for more moments of happiness and satisfaction.

LUCKY TIP 1: Remembering beautiful things makes you happy.

In your mind, consciously seek out situations in which you felt comfortable. Over time, it will become increasingly easier for you to consciously call up positive feelings, simply by thinking about the situations with which you associate positive things.

LUCKY TIP 2: Living in harmony with yourself makes you happy.

That means: no self-condemnation, no self-rejection, no self-devaluation. In other words, strengthen your self-esteem and confidence. This is one of the most important requirements for satisfaction.

Happiness has healing properties. Researches show:

1. Happy people get sick less often and less severely. You are healthier.

2. Happy people get better faster.

3. Happy people live longer.

LUCKY TIP 3: Moving makes you happy.

Exercise makes happiness hormones bubble. For example, this happens when we play sports or when we have sex. Exercise and sex are important factors in paving the way for good feelings. Regular endurance training of half an hour two to three times a week is sufficient. Dancing is also a wonderful way to increase your physical well-being. Physical exertion releases hormones (serotonin, endorphin) that have an euphoric effect.

LUCKY TIP 4: Being active makes you happy.

Get active and look specifically for a task and occupation. Active doing and being absorbed in what you are doing is an important prerequisite for experiencing happy moments. We pay for comfort with bad feelings. Satisfaction brings only activity and being active. It is not the type of activity that is decisive, but the activity as such.

It is important that you find a job that challenges you mentally and / or physically.

The emphasis is on "asking"; H. Activities that you do with the "left" and just run out of hand do not create a feeling of happiness. Only when you exceed your previous personal performance limits will you create the conditions for your happiness.

LUCKY TIP 5: Anticipation makes you happy.

It is said that "anticipation is the greatest joy" - and there is a lot of truth in it. In anticipation of something beautiful, our brains produce dopamine, a kind of happiness hormone. Anticipation triggers the same positive reactions in the body (reduction of stress hormones, strengthening of the immune system) as joy about an event that has already happened. So what can you look forward to?

LUCKY TIP 6: Friendships make you happy.

Maintain your circle of friends and acquaintances. Invest a lot of time in friendships and social contacts. The happiest people are those with fulfilled social relationships.

LUCKY TIP 7: Positive goals make you happy.

Find positive (professional, personal) goals that inspire you. In anticipation of these goals, your brain pours out messenger substances that let you experience pleasure and anticipation.

LUCKY TIP 8: Variety makes you happy.

Provide a variety of pleasures, d. H. consciously seek variety for your senses. Always try something new - taste, smell, see.

LUCKY TIP 9: A purpose in life makes you happy.

The feeling of happiness is closely related to the question of the meaning of life. If we do not understand how to give meaning to life and what we do, then we are depriving happiness of an important basis. However, like off-the-peg clothes, the meaning of life does not exist. And an answer to the question about the meaning of life cannot come from others either. The answer to that can only be found in yourself - as is happiness.

LUCKY TIP 10: A lucky diary makes you happy.

Keep a lucky diary of your lucky moments and read the entries over and over again. This will draw your attention to moments of happiness and make you feel happy. What you focus on determines how you feel.

LUCKY TIP 11: Laughter makes you happy.

Laughter is contagious, and so is happiness. In your free time, surround yourself with people who like to laugh often and who are happy and content. Just as we struggle not to be infected by the laughter of others, it is also difficult not to be infected by the happiness of others.

Conclusion: everyone has to tinker with their own happiness model.