How is a binge session actually

Don't feel like learning? 5 perfect series for binge watching

Lecture-free time equals free time? Puff cake! The preparations for the next semester will certainly determine your everyday life again. Despite all the hustle and bustle, your head needs a break every now and then to recharge your batteries. What could be better than recharging the batteries during a well-kept binge watching session? Binge watching doesn't mean anything to you? You have probably already practiced it yourself. The leisure activity, also known as Komaglotzen, describes watching a television series in one go. If you are already looking forward to the new season of Game of Thrones, we have the perfect series for you to bridge the gap!


Do you want tension in its weirdest form? Welcome to Bemidji, a snowy town somewhere in North Dakota. Based on the film of the same name by the Coen brothers, Fargo offers you a true parade of crazy characters. Tired of the run-of-the-mill city crime thriller plots from other series? Then let the black humor of Fargos cast a spell over you.

Lorne Malvo (brilliant: Billy Bob Thornton) is not a normal tourist. You notice that at the latest when his car drifts off the road in the snow - and a man in underpants jumps out of the trunk. Malvo then has to go into hiding in Bemidji, where he meets the insurance salesman Lester. He's actually a loser, as he says in the book: Teased at school, unsuccessful at work, despised by his own wife. But under Lester's surface it is boiling tremendously. And Malvo has decided to let Lester's inner monster out of the cage.

Where can you see Fargo?

Netflix (subscription), Blu-Ray, digital download

Blind spot

Our worst nightmare: Suddenly standing naked on the cathedral plate! For the leading actress in the series Blindspot, this is a bitter reality. As if out of nowhere, she appears naked in Times Square in New York. Not only is the lady’s memory loss puzzling, but also the numerous tattoos on her body. One thing catches the eye of the local police: the words "Kurt Weller - FBI". Kurt really exists, but can't do anything with "Jane Doe". The key to Jane's identity seems to be her body jewelry. Behind every tattoo, the FBI finds out, there is an unsolved murder case. Scary exciting!

Where can you see blindspot?

Amazon, Maxdome, iTunes (each digital download), ProSieben / Sat.1 (free TV)

Ripper Street

Do you think it's rough these days? Then you haven't dared to look into London in 1889! The Whitechapel district has just finished the series of murders of the infamous Jack the Ripper. But just because the one villain disappears from the scene, the days are not calmer for Detective Inspector Edmund Reid. With an umbrella, charm and bowler hat, the edgy Englishman confronts drug smugglers, human traffickers and the shadows of his own past. Do you like British gentlemen, Victorian England and dark criminal cases? Then Ripper Street won't let you go any longer.

Where can you see Ripper Street?

Amazon Prime, Netflix, Watchever, Maxdome (each with subscription), Blu-Ray, digital download

The Man in the High Castle

What if the Nazis actually won World War II? This is the question asked by Amazon's series "The Man in the High Castle". Based on Philip K. Dick's book "The Oracle of the Mountain", Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire split the United States between themselves. In this horror vision, the young Juliana Crain comes into possession of a film that shows the story as we actually know it: the Allies defeat Germany, Nazi rule is over. Inspired by this vision, Juliana tries to find out more about this film. At the same time, a bitter power struggle for Hitler's legacy is raging between the Axis powers. Disturbing and dramatic at the same time.

Where can you see The Man in the High Castle?

Amazon Prime (subscription)

Mr. Robot

Data is the new gold. Today we leave our digital fingerprints everywhere. The US series Mr. Robot takes up this thought and tells the story of the talented hacker Elliot. The withdrawn sociopath spends his time spying on ordinary people and fighting other cyber criminals. That changes when the mysterious computer genius Mr. Robot recruits Elliot for his group of activists. From now on, Elliot should not only crack the little fish, but bring down the entire society with one prank. The series is bursting with twists and wrong tracks. What is truth What is lie And above all: what is the reality?

Where can you see Mr. Robot?

Amazon Prime (subscription)

The agony of choice

Well, clear your head again, but square eyes? With so many great series, you shouldn't run out of things to talk about with your fellow students in the new semester. Even if you can hardly watch all the good series in everyday student life, we wish you enough time for the grenades from this article. And remember: In times of streaming services, apps and smartphones, there are no longer boring train journeys. Have fun binge watching!