How has simplilearn grown

Learn from education start-ups

The largest education start-ups at a glance

United States
Revenue: $ 167 million (2017)
More than 7,000 online courses in the fields
Software Development, IT Operations,
Data analysis, cyber security

United States
Revenue: $ 140 million (2018)
Provision of more than 2,000 online
Further education courses from numerous universities
(including MIT, Stanford University)

United States
Revenue: $ 70 million (2017)
Online academy with courses in the
Fields of computer science, physics, mathematics,
Business administration, psychology

Revenue: $ 67 million (2017)
Online applications for language learning

United States
Revenue: $ 48 million (2017)
Blended learning in the areas of cyber security,
Cloud computing, project management,
Digital Marketing and Data Science

United States
Revenue: $ 28 million (2017)
Platform on which teachers and learners contribute
over 100,000 online courses come together.
Broad range of programming topics
and IT about design and personal development
to marketing and photography

Khan Academy
United States
Revenue: $ 28 million (2017)
Over 4,000 learning videos, especially in the
Areas of mathematics, natural sciences,
History and Economy (non-commercial)

Revenue: $ 18 million (2017)
Language training

United States
Revenue: $ 14 million (2017)
MOOC platform with a wide range of topics
and many partner universities, from MIT and
at Harvard University

United Kingdom
Revenue: $ 11 million (2017)
MOOC platform with a wide range of topics
and many partner universities

Pluralsight, Udacity and Simplilearn lay the
Focus on technical future skills.

Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy, EdX and
FutureLearn have a future skills offer
as part of a larger offering.