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Like cookbooks, there are innumerable cooking magazines.
These appear regularly or at different intervals and deal with various topics.

As the title suggests, Beef is a magazine for meat lovers. The titles Vegan or Veganer already say for whom the title is published, just like cakes, baking or Thermomix.

It is difficult to answer who the cooking magazines by Johann Lafer or Jamie Oliver will help. Since there are probably all the recipes in the world in the well over 100 cookbooks of the two.

Are all magazines useful or what are the benefits?

You can subdivide cooking magazines like cookbooks: useful cooking magazines, interesting cooking magazines from which you can derive ideas, and last but not least the cooking magazines that don't help you. The last category doesn't help you in any way.
Cookbooks by Andoni Luis Aduriz and Anne-Sophie Pic don't help me either, but I still have them on the shelf - as inspiration and because of the really beautiful pictures.

Back to the magazines, the following can be included in the value analysis because I read and know them: Der Feinschmecker, Effilee, Beef, Food & Farm, marmiton and fou de cuisine.

The gourmet - € 9.95 per month
One, if not the best-known magazine among gourmets. For years the magazine I read the most. This is where the problems arise. In Germany people usually write about Hamburg, Munich or Berlin. Alternatively, there are reports about the new stars from Paris, trends from London or the reinvention of the kitchen in Italy. There is a lot to discover in the Ruhr area, Allgäu, Black Forest and Franconia.
The restaurant tips are mixed, from good recommendations in Germany to aloof locations and restaurants in the Maldives, Lake Garda, New York or Tokyo.
In contrast, the wine recommendations are very good.
Some recipes can be cooked, but with others I reach the limits of what is possible with my kitchen. I buy the Feinschmecker sporadically for interesting topics.
Interesting cooking magazine, which is really very good depending on the topic and area of ​​interest.

Effilee - quarterly € 9.80
The culinary culture magazine. I may not understand the magazine or get on with the style. I've only read the Effilee when I've already read all the other magazines. I can remember three interesting reports.
Otherwise there was one or the other good idea for the quick plate. The restaurant reviews didn't meet my taste.
Uninteresting cooking magazine that I only read when I have nothing else and the topics interest me.

Beef - every 2 months € 12.00
Men cook differently. As the title and subtitle suggest, this is a magazine for men and it's about meat. Whether knuckle, sausage, mince or steak, meat is in the foreground. If you see meat as the focus of your diet, you have come to the right place, the balanced eater should buy another magazine.
Uninteresting cooking magazine, I like to eat meat, less and less because of various scandals. Anyone who describes meat as their vegetable can easily access it here.

Food & Farm - every 2 months € 4.90
From the field to the plate. I've only known the magazine for a week, during which time, luckily, two issues appeared. A great magazine with a high entertainment value. As the title suggests, it's about eating and growing food. Tips for creating raised beds, information about seasonal products and the associated recipes, portraits of chefs, there is something for everyone here. Since I have not yet subjected the magazine to a long-term test, I can only write something about the two issues at hand, they have completely convinced.
Useful cooking magazine, interesting topics, good tips, recipes to inspire or to cook at home, make you want more.

Marmiton - every 2 months € 4.90
Do I have to import from France regularly. In my opinion the most useful and best cooking magazine for home cooks. In addition to countless recipes that have to be cooked with commercially available ingredients, there is a section about the current products on the market.
The wine recommendations are fantastic and all of them can be bought in major supermarkets. You have to know that in some French supermarkets the wine department is larger than an Aldi branch. It is not difficult to recommend good wines, as the selection is very extensive.
Useful cooking magazine. Very good recipes with a clear list of ingredients, seasonal products about which you get a lot of information in the front part.
A good overall package that is worth buying. The only problem - you have to know French, but a course is worthwhile for that.

Fou de cuisine - € 7.50 per quarter
The second cooking magazine from France. Reminds the connoisseur. Interviews and portraits of different chefs including recipe suggestions. The recipes are explained in great detail with many pictures. Whether bistro kitchen or master class, they are clearly described and you actually manage to cook them, experience at the stove is an advantage.
Wines, wineries and producers are presented, as well as one or the other useful kitchen aids.
In contrast to the gourmet, there are no restaurant reviews, otherwise the magazines have a similar target group.
Interesting cooking magazine, as with marmiton, a French course has to be taken. If that was successful, there is nothing wrong with buying both magazines. If you just want to read a French magazine, you'd better go to marmiton. Both are definitely fun.

As with the cookbooks, the value analysis is a subjective opinion, it turns out differently for everyone because everyone has different interests.

This is the second part of the value analysis on cooking magazines and a value analysis on drink magazines.

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