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"Hyper Hyper" - The Scooter phenomenon

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"Cheap music" and "Kirmes-Techno" - these two terms often rank among the more harmless when the band Scooter is mentioned. The North Germans are extremely successful with their music. It's a phenomenon like with the Bild newspaper: Nobody seems to buy or like it, at least many don't admit it, but the countless fans have to come from somewhere. Today Scooter are among the most commercially successful German bands at all.

Between Love Parade and Eurodance

When Scooter released their song "Hyper Hyper" in 1994, extremely shallow Eurodance hits dominated the charts. Acts like 2 Unlimited ("No Limit"), Haddaway ("What Is Love?") And DJ Bobo ("There Is A Party") set the tone on the radio and on TV. At the same time, the masses have fun at events such as the Love Parade in Berlin, where techno, trance and rave make you forget everyday life for a few hours. With "Hyper Hyper" scooters position themselves somewhere between the Love Parade rave and the Eurodance trend - and land a hit. None of the parties involved would have expected it. After all, some of the members have been trying to make money from music since the 80s.

Top 5 once - that's all there is to it

Scooter in the early years - the mood is great, but what is the point of this finger exercise by H.P. Baxxter testify?

Scooters front man H.P. Baxxter, real name Hans Peter Geerdes, founded the band Celebrate The Nun in 1986 in Hanover together with his friend Rick J. Jordan, real name Hendrik Stedler. Musically, they are based on the synth pop chart heroes of the time - Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and New Order are the clear models. Only with success it doesn't quite work out. Celebrate The Nun released two albums and five singles between 1988 and 1991, one of which made it into the top 5 of the US charts. More is not possible. Nevertheless, as Baxxter said in retrospect in an interview today, this time was a very instructive one because the music business was learned from scratch.

At least as loved as hated

After the band broke up, Jordan set up a recording studio in his basement. Shortly after the Love Parade in 1993, the time had come: Baxxter and Jordan teamed up with Baxxter's cousin Ferris Bueller, real name Sören Bühler, and their future manager Jens Thele. They initially call themselves "The Loop" and release remixes from other bands, including Marky Mark. But they are not really successful with it either.

In 1994 the name was changed to Scooter. The first single is called "Vallée Des Larmes", sounds partly like bumper car music at a fair - and flopps. The second single, however, the almost legendary song "Hyper Hyper", hits the charts in large parts of Europe. Even with this track Scooter become a band that is at least as loved as it is hated. It starts - apart from the style of the music - with Baxxter, in his role as "shouter" in the band, listing a number of globally recognized techno DJs in the middle part of the song. It is supposed to come across as cool and ensure "credibility", but at best causes a shake of the head for those who know the scene and for some of the verbally forcibly arrested DJs outright annoyance. Some of the old heroes of the scene really don't want to be associated with "bumper car techno". And the press does not give the North Germans a good hair, it is hailing badly. The often-voiced opinion that the band is just another one-hit wonder may seem reassuring. While this was the order of the day in the charts at the time, it was a blatant misjudgment when it came to Scooter.

"How Much Is The Fish?"

How much does the fish cost now? Baxxter only revealed this in May 2016 after a US talk show host became aware of the band.

In the years that followed, the band released one hit after the other - even though or precisely because they stayed true to their style. This does not only apply to the musical ingredients. The lyrics as well as the sometimes surprisingly subtle, albeit cheap-sounding titles, keep the initial level. By 2000 the guys released catchy titles like "Move Your Ass!", "How Much Is The Fish?" and "Faster Harder Scooter". But despite the success - singles and albums are selling endlessly, the concerts are well attended - Scooter remain the whipping boys in the media and in public opinion.

A band that stays true to itself

At least in the media, this will only change in the current millennium, when it becomes clear that scooters continue to ride a wave of success. Maybe it's the simple realization that you can neither write this band down nor write it away. Perhaps it is also the insight into the fact that a band should be respected when they have successfully implemented such a concept over so many years and remain so true to themselves. Meanwhile, Scooter even hold a record with more than 20 singles, which they were able to place in the German top 10, not to mention the countless gold and platinum records and other prizes that they have garnered in their career.

Respect for scooters

And there is one more thing: Even people who find Scooter's music deeply ridiculous often admit at some point that "the guys" in the band could be really cool people. Over time, many H.P. Baxxter and his colleagues in interviews or reports - and discovered that the Scooter protagonists come across in an intelligent and ironic way that makes it difficult for doubters, such as the US talk show host Jimmy Fallon in May 2016 to seriously despise the band. Even if you don't like the music for valid reasons, the scooter phenomenon deserves respect. At least a bit. It's just like the Bild newspaper.

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