Why is school so unbearable

Mask in school: "torture" for children?

Vienna's City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker often has something to growl at the federal government when it comes to Corona, sometimes rightly so. Now he comes across the mask requirement for pupils from the age of ten (i.e. middle school pupils and AHS lower grades) even during lessons: "I find it unbearable what we do to our children." Having to wear protective masks during the entire class is "torture" for the children.

You can see it that way, and many see it that way - especially if it is so-called FFP2 masks that close tightly. In reality, however, it will probably be cloth masks or the looser-fitting green surgical masks, which by the way are cheaper than the FFP2 models. The teachers, however, should wear FFP2 masks - if they can get enough of them, which does not seem to be the case everywhere.

Difficult. It may be a nuisance to the children, but is it really such torture? Hacker's party friend Pamela Rendi-Wagner, a virologist, has clearly spoken out in favor of compulsory masks in the classroom. Given that there are almost 4,000 new infections every day, many parents will be more cautious, especially since several studies warn against underestimating children as carriers. Education Minister Heinz FaƟmann thinks that he prefers the "milder means" mask than giving up classroom teaching. Who contradicts it with valid arguments? (Hans Rauscher, December 3rd, 2020)