Delete 178

Entry / deletion of change of owner prohibited

Change of owner prohibited

If the registration authority is presented with a vehicle registration document which contains the entry 178 "Change of owner prohibited" and no deletion is available, it will refuse:

a) the issuance of the vehicle registration document to a new owner

b) the deletion of entry 178

Entry and deletion by a leasing company

Since November 18, 2013, the notification of the entry or the deletion of entry 178 has only been transmitted electronically by leasing companies.

The application to conclude an eCode178 user contract must be submitted to the ZEK office. This checks the application and regulates the formalities.

Entry and deletion by third parties

According to Art. 80 VZV, number 178 "Change of keeper prohibited" can be requested from the licensing authorities by so-called "third parties" and deleted. The setting and deletion are done using a standardized form, which is only accepted in the original. Corresponding applications are then processed by the respective road traffic office and transmitted to the ZEK CLS. The road traffic authorities only accept people with very few entries (max. 8-10 per year) as such “third parties”. All other persons (natural and legal) must maintain the number 178 electronically via the ZEK CLS and thus have the necessary access to the ZEK CLS.

Further information can be found at under the heading "Code 178".