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[Bleach] Which captain / vicecaptain is the strongest?

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Unlike Tousen, Komamura is a close combat specialist. In the Bleach Databook he has the highest close combat rating of all captains, namely 100/100 in attack, defense and strength. Komamura also had no reason to unleash his Bankai, he was just angry. And even when the fight must have been well advanced, Sajin was still able to rush to Sokyoku within a very short time, get a level 90 spell there and even after that he could still walk.

Incidentally, you have to put it into perspective with Kenpach "with ease". Pain doesn't mean much to him. He could compete against any enemy "with ease", but much less defeat them with "ease".

Tousen had more or less bad luck that his opponent was Kenpachi, who does not fear the pain and he also wanted to let Kenpach suffer instead of killing him with one blow (he would have had the chance).

Furthermore, even Ichigo managed a draw against Kenpachi without his Bankai.

It's the same with Nnoitra: Kenpachi only won because he provoked Nnoitra in the end so that Nnoitra stormed off blindly and completely underestimated Kenpachi's kendo.

I don't rate him that strong. If he could be Bankai, however, he would be one of the very strongest.