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Mitsubishi ASX: The compact SUV is a long-runner

The popular Mitsubishi ASX compact SUV has been on the market since 2010. In 2019 he got another facelift. The most important innovations: a fresh engine and finally all-wheel drive and automatic again. Test drive, dates, prices

  • Revised model with the latest infotainment offer

  • 150 hp engine delivers decent performance

  • Price: The compact SUV is available from 21,490 euros

A car is usually built for around seven years until the successor arrives. The tendency is falling, because that rapid development times In the IT industry, the car manufacturers are also putting pressure. So it is high time that the Mitsubishi ASX, which has been available since 2010, ceded and made room for the new edition.

But the Japanese compact SUV is not thinking of abdicating. Instead, he got another facelift, and the one that had already been announcedSuccessor can - As of early 2021 - another year or two. The current version of the Mitsubishi is available from dealers at prices from 21,490 euros.

Mitsubishi ASX: The dimensions remain compact

He likes outwardly dustyonly 4.37 meters long ASXdefinitely be, but it is not completely old-fashioned. This has already been ensured by two previous refreshments every three years. After the latest facelift, the compact looks pretty fresh again. It is based on the big brother Outlander and the weird SUV coupé Eclipse Cross and looks more self-confident than ever with the new, beefy front: wide radiator grille,narrow LED headlights and an implied "cow catcher" look good on the Japanese. Mitsubishi calls the brand face "Dynamic Shield". At the rear too, the designers have emphasized the width and thus the robust appearance of the SUV and also donated LED technology for the rear lights.

Dashboard with a larger screen

In the interior However, not much has changed, except for the controls for the climate control and the revised infotainment system. The touchscreen has grown from seven to eight inches. The navigation function contributed by TomTom works flawlessly and gets real-time traffic data via the driver's smartphone - but you will still look in vain for an inductive charging cradle or a head-up display. Otherwise, Mitsubishi has mainly tried the interiorsomething higher quality to design. With moderate success: the materials are still rather cheap, the workmanship a bit inaccurate here and there.

To theSpace conditions nothing has changed with the facelift, you sit very well at the front, your head quickly becomes tight at the back; in both rows the seats are mounted quite high. With 406 to 1206 liters, the trunk is as large as it is in its class.

Better performance with a new engine

The greatest revolution took place under the hood. The ASX still existsonly with a single engine. But the two-liter four-cylinder now in use, which has already been used in the USA models, not only has around 30 percent more power with 110 kW / 150 hp than its somewhat lame predecessor, but also increases the torque from 154 to 195 Newton meter too.
They are only available at a high 4200 tours, because Mitsubishi does without a turbocharger. Anyone who quickly shifts through the five gears can use the ASX in 10.2 seconds to 100 km / h bring, the top is 190 km / h, the trailer load is 1.3 tons. And: There is also a version with all wheel drive, which was taken out of service together with the diesel at the end of 2018.

The4x4 systemworks in the classic manner: the rear axle is supplied with power as required via an electronically controlled clutch. If the road is dry, only two percent of the power goes to the rear. If the system detects spinning wheels, it sends half the power aft. The lock function can be used to force the maximum torque on the rear axle, which can be an advantage when starting off on poor ground.

SUV purchase advice: This is important to note

SUVs are more popular than ever. What should be considered when buying? Which is the right size? Do you even need all-wheel drive? The ADAC has put everything together on the subject.

SUV purchase advice

The all-wheel drive model is not available with a manual transmission, but only in conjunction with a CVT automatic. On our leisurely test lap with the extremely calm, well-balanced all-wheel drive, the on-board computer certified usa good eight liters of super per 100 kilometers, Mitsubishi specifies between 6.7 (front-wheel drive) and 7.3 liters (all-wheel drive, CVT).

The CVT does not quite come close to the comfort of an automatic converter, sometimes reacts a little time-delayed to brisk throttle commands and is still quite loud under full load. However, it is nowhere near as inharmonious as its predecessor and is definitely a good offer in everyday life for switching lazy.

The bottom line is that the Mitsubishi ASX remains oneinexpensive alternativeto the top dogs Ford Kuga, VW Tiguan, Škoda Karoq and Toyota RAV4 or Citroën C5 Aircross and Mazda CX-30.

Mitsubishi ASX: Technical Specifications

Technical data (manufacturer information)

Mitsubishi ASX 2WD (automatic)


2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, 110 kW / 150 PS, 195 Nm at 6000 rpm


10.2 s (11.7 s) to 100 km / h, 190 km / h top speed


6.7 (6.8) l super / 100 km


L 4.37 / W 1.77 / H 1.64 m


406 - 1206 l

Empty weight

from 1455 kg


from € 21,490

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Text: Michael Gebhardt / SP-X

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