Where can I buy inexpensive, stylish loungers


The material from which your garden dreams are made has a decisive influence on style and functionality. These options are available to you in terms of material:

  • Wood
  • aluminum
  • Steel / metal
  • plastic
  • Poly rattan

Wood conveys a natural flair and has a number of practical properties: It is very durable, robust and becomes more and more beautiful over the years. Garden furniture is usually made of hardwoods such as eucalyptus, acacia or teak. They are resistant to insect infestation and mold. With regular care with an oil or a glaze, your wooden garden furniture will remain timelessly beautiful for many years.

Aluminum is light, very durable and provides a modern nuance in your garden and balcony design. The material is particularly suitable for flexible outdoor facilities that often change location. The furniture is easy to transport due to its low weight. Last but not least, this is useful for stowing them away weatherproof in winter.

Furniture made of steel or metal is extremely robust. Curved designs look charming, straight models have a very modern touch. Steel furniture is popular because of its diverse designs and excellent maintenance properties.

Models made of plastic also convince with numerous advantageous properties: They are inexpensive and durable, available in many colors and thus match the most diverse design requirements. Whether it's a folding chair or a garden bench: with plastic furniture, you can furnish your outdoor area in a cozy and practical way.

Polyrattan has become one of the bestsellers in recent years. It is a mesh made of polyethylene - an extremely tear and tensile-resistant plastic that is insensitive to solar radiation and is slightly elastic. That makes poly rattan the ideal material.