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"Rhythm Inside" in the Vienna House in Brussels

The Belgian song contest participant Loic Nottet presented his song for Vienna for the first time

On March 10, 2015, the Belgian contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 by Loic Nottet (pronounced: Lo-ìk Notè) was presented to the public for the first time. The 19-year-old Nottet became known for his appearances on the Belgian casting show "The Voice Belgique" on RTBF and convinced the jury there.

The very youthful singer from the Walloon town of Courcelles, 40 km south of Brussels, impressed with a powerful piece of music and with his exceptionally clear and bright voice. His song: "Rhythm Inside" reminds us that the mechanism of our hearts cannot be changed: "Only our own decisions determine the traces we leave behind on this world. Do not force yourself to step in step with others, find your own inner rhythm . You will see that you are not alone in this. "

Good networking of the Vienna House in Brussels

Michaela Kauer from MA 27, Head of the Vienna House in Brussels: "It is a special pleasure for us that Belgium and Loic Nottet present their contribution to the song contest to the public for the first time in the Vienna House. That shows the reputation of our house and to the city of Vienna, but also to our good network with the institutions in Brussels. We wish Loic Nottet every success in Vienna! "

The presentation in Brussels took place in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels and with Österreich-Werbung.

Major tourist event for Vienna

The song contest is an extremely important event for the city of Vienna. The City of Vienna and ORF are working closely together so that the Song Contest will be a festival for all Viennese, but also for the city's guests. From May 17 to 23, the world will be a guest in Vienna, the city of music. With the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in the Wiener Stadthalle, the world's largest TV entertainment event connects millions of fans around the globe. A festival of music, international understanding and tolerance will be celebrated together for several days. All facilities in the federal capital are well prepared for the onslaught of guests.

Norbert Kettner, Director of WienTourismus: "The Eurovision Song Contest is a valuable opportunity for Vienna to present itself as a modern, cosmopolitan and hospitable cultural metropolis in which contemporary music events play just as important a role as classical ones. WienTourismus works together with Austria Broadcasting and the City of Vienna are working hard to ensure that this global event in Vienna has the best possible conditions. Every year around 50,000 Belgian guests come to Vienna, so we are particularly pleased that Belgium is participating with Loic Nottet. "

The Belgian song contest entry can be viewed at www.rtbf.be/eurovision.

Consultation notice for the media

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