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148309 February 23, 2013 - 10:23 pm

Hello and good afternoon everyone,

I'm also new here and would be happy about a (reopened) forum. It's true, the type of evaluation takes getting used to. For more than 30 years I have been making my living writing and ended up here - well, you will guess it - with three stars. In other areas, spelling and grammar play a different role. Of course, I also deliver a text in the editorial department with as few errors as possible, but the priority is on the content, and whether a typo has slipped into the text or I forgot a comma is of no importance at all. It's about the reader. Not a search engine. Proofread others. Texts are rated very, very differently. And often I am the one who judges them. In scripts, spelling doesn't play a role at all, that's in the nature of things. And with literary texts, the author's freedoms are greater anyway. It's a shame that I can't bold the AND at the beginning of a sentence.

But: I now know what is important here. I understand that too. As a rule, there is no one in between to correct my mistakes, here the text may go incorrectly as it is on the net. That would be uncomfortable for me. The network, the customer and the mistake don't care why I made them, carelessness and ignorance are on an equal footing. So I gave myself a round of extra thoroughness. I am sure that will bring something. No editor can find mistakes that I haven't made. Unless he's wrong :-), what happens. An editor is only ..., nobody is free of errors.

Of course, it's a shame that nobody is interested in the real quality of the texts written here, notices subtleties, is happy about the author's good feeling for language and is a lector for him. But who should that be? And how much quality can there be in a text about the love life of two potters? Someone needs the lyrics and pays for them. That’s worth something too. Thorough research cannot pay off on a portal like this and is also not required. You fall back on what you already have in your head (should be as much as possible) and use the Internet. As far as I am concerned, I know that I can never come up with a green branch here because I generally research too long and, above all, write too slowly. Glad to have landed here, I'm anyway, Maybe I'll get faster and for times when I'm tied to the desk, writing here is much more than a finger exercise.

@Mario R.

Use the spell checker first - and then see why it requires you to write in uppercase one time and lowercase another time as you write. While writing, one can learn to write to write. It's even fun.