What is mochimochi knitting

Tiny Mochimochis - cute knitting projects in mini format

Sweet, sweet, tiny Mochimochis! The little characters with the unpronounceable name will be in the book Tiny mochimochis presented. The figurines are known for it, on the one hand to be tiny, but also on the other hand funny to come across. In the book, the author and designer Anna Hravochec presents in total 40 small knitting modelse before you with a lot Sensitivity and precision work can do magic on the needles, the little figures are definitely a challenge that should not be underestimated. At the same time, however, it is also clear that Mini-figures are even cuter than knitted toys and cuddly toys already are, quasi a Cuteness Overkill. At the same time are the models versatile, so you can use the Mochimochis for Games for kids or as small charms for gifts or insert the keychain.


Sweet figures to knit yourself in the book Tiny mochimochis

You are ready for a challenge and know how to use double pointed needles? Then Mochimochis are just the thing. The little ones are only a few centimeters tall and are best knitted with double pointed needles. The double pointed needles are certainly something for more skilled knitters, for the models in XXS format However, knitting is taking on completely new dimensions. The author poses in the book Tiny mochimochis Figures from a wide variety of areas: Little ghosts and sweet cupcakes you can conjure up with the instructions as well as one small zoo with various animals and Mini computer or one Forest in XXS format. With a little creativity you can conjure up very special gifts from the Mochimochis. So you can use it as a brooch use or with a magnet and conjure up new magnets for the fridge. Also as Table decoration and toy they are good, you can also use them as Christmas decorations use if you choose the right models. With the detailed instructions from the book Tiny mochimochisthe elaborate models work well, but you should still have some practice with double pointed needles. In addition, you can use the Basic knowledge but also look up all techniques.


The book Tiny mochimochis is published by Frech Verlag and is available online.


Image source: Frech Verlag