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Current information on hate postings and cyber bullying, internet crime, extremism advice center, violence protection centers and intervention centers

Reporting offices

Advice centers

Reporting offices

Hate postings and cyber bullying - ZARA

Are you affected by hate postings or cyber bullying? The advice center #GegenHassimNetz supports you in taking action against hatred and agitation on the Internet. It offers professional advice, help and support for those affected by hate speech, verbal abuse, cyber bullying and other forms of psychological and verbal violence online.

Rip off and scam

Rip offs and attempts at fraud are the order of the day on the Internet. Particularly when shopping online, caution is required, as experience has shown that fraudulent or criminal methods are often used here. In such cases, do not be afraid to contact the responsible reporting office and report your suspicions or the incident.

The Internet Watchlist lists numerous articles on its website about various attempts at fraud, such as fake shops, phishing, fake bills and subscription traps. It also keeps a list of fraudulent online shops that is always kept up to date. If you have discovered an attempted fraud or if you suspect it, report it using the report form.

If you are affected yourself and have suffered or may suffer damage, contact the Internet ombudsman. This registration office offers help with dispute resolution as well as free online advice on everything to do with shopping on the Internet.

Cyber ​​crime

If you have any suspicions or specific indications of cybercrime, you can contact the relevant BMI reporting office.

In the event of crimes committed by specific people, you can report them to any police station.

Child pornography and child sex tourism

If you discover child pornographic material or offers from sex tourism with children on the Internet, you can report the find to the BMI registration office or you can Display in every police station reimburse.

An anonymous report can also be sent to the Stopline Initiative (→ ISPA) of the ISPA:

National Socialism and Radical Islamism

If you come across neo-Nazi, racist or anti-Semitic content, you can report the find to the BVT reporting office or report it to any police station:

An anonymous report of National Socialist content can also be sent to Stopline:

If you come across extremist and radical videos that are related to Austria, you can forward them to the BVT reporting office:

 human trafficking

Human trafficking is a human rights violation that can affect women, men and children alike. If you have information about human trafficking, you are welcome to contact the human trafficking hotline at the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Advice centers

bOJA - Advice Center for Extremism - 0800 20 20 44

bOJA helps when relatives, social workers, teachers or other people are concerned that someone from their environment could have joined an extremist group. bOJA advises you on all questions on the subject of extremism (political and religiously based extremisms such as right-wing extremism or jihadism). bOJA offer you personal consultations, technical expertise and advanced training. Advice is provided anonymously, confidentially and free of charge.

Helpline: 0800 20 20 44

Women * advise women *

"Women advise women" offers you women-specific psychosocial and legal advice on all topics of the female life context. Writing helps you with the following topics: relationships, family, work, separation, violence, health, sexuality, loneliness, etc. Online counseling reinforces your own skills and supports you in developing new perspectives and opportunities for change.

WOMEN'S HELPLINE against violence - 0800 222 555

The women's helpline against violence supports all women who are affected or threatened by male violence, as well as all people from the environment of those affected, women and girls who are affected by stalking or forced marriage, women in relationship and life crises, representatives from various institutions and social Facilities. A team of experts offers you; Anonymous initial and crisis counseling by telephone, counseling for women of all origins, sexual orientation and lifestyle.

The women's helpline against violence offers advice for the deaf in cooperation with ÖGS.barrierefrei (with the support of the RelayService). Information on this can also be found on the website of theServiceCenter ÖGS.barrier-free.

Mother tongue advice is offered in various languages ​​as required. This gives migrant women the opportunity to express their concerns anonymously and free of charge in their native language.

Violence protection centers and intervention centers

If you are a victim of domestic violence or violence in your immediate vicinity, the violence protection centers and intervention centers offer you:

  • Information and advice on violence against women, domestic violence and stalking
  • Accompaniment to the police, court and other authorities
  • Help in enforcing your rights to protect against violence
  • Psychosocial and legal process support for you and your children

All violence protection centers and intervention centers nationwide:

HelpChat - virtual advice center for women and girls

The help chat offers you anonymous and confidential assistance. The Helpchat is a virtual advice center for women and girls who are affected by violence in any form - psychological, physical, sexual - in their living environment.

The Helpchat also offers you the opportunity to use this online advice center as a discussion forum and to form self-help groups, as well as to obtain information about the legal situation, victim protection institutions and partisan women's advice centers via the link list.

Each Mondays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (except on public holidays in Austria), two advisors are alternately available to offer professional help and advice in English and Turkish.

Victim emergency number - WHITE RING - 0800 112 112

  • The victim emergency number sees itself as a central contact point for people who are directly or indirectly affected by a crime and is open to all questions related to it. The aim of the victim emergency number is to offer you the best possible care and support as part of the telephone consultation. The victim emergency number offers you relief and empowerment in a crisis situation. The victims' emergency number will listen to you, give you orientation, support you in planning the next steps and, if necessary, put you in touch with suitable victim support organizations.
  • Emergency call: 0800 112 112 (365 days a year, free of charge midnight to midnight)
  • (→ Weisser Ring)

Advice on the wire - emergency number 147

The emergency number 147 "Advice on Wire" is an important point of contact for problems, questions and crisis situations for children, young people and their caregivers. Parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers and all caregivers of children and adolescents can also turn to the experts at Rat auf Draht if they have any questions about upbringing.