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What does one cost App?

What does an app cost?

The calculator is a digital tool developed by Yeeply with which you can download the App costs for the development of your planned mobile application can calculate.

It's very easy to use! Just click the "Start" button and answer a few questions the calculator asks you. In less than a minute, you can have the Get the approximate cost of developing your app.

However, keep in mind that the price of your app will depend on many factors. For example, the development of Android Apps are not the same as creating iOS Apps. And that's not the only factor. There are many decisions that you need to make during the development process that will directly affect the final price of the app.

We want to help you make the best decision, so we'll explain some of these factors below. Continue reading! 👇

Factors that affect the price of an app

In the Calculation of the costs for an app development, you should consider many different factors. Here are some general examples:

  • time. Depending on the deadlines, costs may or may not increase. If you need the app before a certain date and the developer has to work overtime, the price will go up a bit. On the other hand, if you are a little more flexible and in no hurry, the price will adjust.
  • quality. Remember that the more details your app has, the more work it takes to develop an app. All the details are of course done the way you want them, but of course the price goes up. This always depends on the amount of work that the programming requires.
  • Functionalities. Or, in other words, what properties your app should have. For example, let's look at the registry. Logging in with an email or password is not the same as logging in through a social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ... Or let's look at a messaging app. The price depends on whether you want to chat in real time, send simple messages or send multimedia content.
  • Implementation costs. If your app is intended for the B2C market (i.e. it is not an internal app), you need to make sure that your users know about it and can find the app in the correct app store. This usually requires an initial investment in marketing campaigns to get users' attention. You can also use ASO techniques to position your app well in the app stores. Although this point is not directly related to the development of your app, it does affect the final price. It is therefore important that this factor is also taken into account.
  • Additional costs. Did you know that there is a cost to uploading an app to the app stores? In the case of the Play Store, it is a one-time payment, while in the iOS App Store it is an annual payment. First you have to pay for the registration costs and finally further payments are made in order to upload your app.
  • maintenance. Developing an app once doesn't mean that your app will continue to perform well in the future. Today's mobile technologies are always evolving. New devices are coming onto the market, with new screen sizes, hardware features and much more. That is why it is important to work with a development team even after the development. In this way you can ensure that your app is always up-to-date and that any defects that occur can be rectified as quickly as possible.

What does an app cost depending on the type of development

There are several ways to build your app and not all are the same App development costs. We introduce you to the three main options.

  • Web app. These apps are used via a web browser and therefore work on multiple devices. In order to use them, it is not necessary for the user to download them. Developing a web app is usually the fastest and cheapest option. However, there are also some disadvantages, such as the restrictions on access to the smartphone's hardware (such as the camera or the GPS).
  • Native app. A native application is specially developed for an operating system (Android, iOS, Windows ...). This custom-made product enables more functions, faster charging and fewer malfunctions. However, if you want to develop a native app for any operating system, then different developments also need to be undertaken. Of course, this has an impact on the cost of the app.
  • Cross platform app. These apps have a single code that is suitable for different operating systems. So you can develop an app for Android and iOS with one development. The good thing about them is that they are usually less expensive than native apps. However, they generally run slower and also have limited access to a device's hardware.

As you can see, the way you develop it has a huge impact on the final price of your app. There is no such thing as one right choice, as each of these three options has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a Cross platform app be a good option for a limited number of users. For example, with an app that is intended for internal use. However, if you want to reach the masses, this is one native app more suitable due to their better functioning. Even if it is more expensive.

How much does it cost to develop an app depending on the operating system

If you want to develop an app, you should know that there are several operating systems. You should be aware of whether you are using the app for a specific or for various operating system (s) want to create.

It's not the same thing to develop an app for Android, iOS, or Windows. Different operating systems require different languages ​​and therefore also different costs for app development. In addition, the price changes depending on how many different operating systems you want to create the app for. When making your decision, keep your available budget and your desired target group in mind.

When you've finally decided to develop an app, be aware that an App for every operating system is probably the best option. The costs are higher for the moment, but you avoid further expenses in the future.

For example, if you first decide only to develop an iOS app and later want to create an Android app, the final total price is significantly higher than with simultaneous programming.

Depending on the operating system, how much does a developer charge to create an app? You should know that developing a native app for iOS or Android often differs in price. Programming iOS apps are associated with higher costs as Android apps. This is mainly due to the different hourly wages of the respective developers. And in both cases the price of the app increasesif you are contracting a development company instead of hiring freelancers to do the development.

How much time does it take to create an app?

It doesn't take a week to create an app. First, you need to choose the type of development, as well as the type of app, technology, and many more factors. As soon as you have clarified this, move on to the design phase, in which wireframes, mockups and prototypes are defined and tested if necessary. After that, all of this material goes to an experienced developer who can begin programming the app. Then, ideally, further test phases and the elimination of possible errors take place.

Every app takes a certain amount of time to develop, which depends heavily on its size and complexity. Generally speaking, the average for an entire development is 18 weeks.

When you have a deadline to complete your project, it's important that you share it with your development team. It is recommended one work schedule determine in which all phases and dates of the project are organized. In this way you can keep a better overview of how the project is progressing and in which phase delays occur.

Offering your app for free: a possible option?

This is a question that concerns all companies that want to publish an app. This requires a Competitive analysisthat you shouldn't do without.

If you are programming an app that is similar to other free apps, charging for it is not recommended. In addition, a free app can open many doors for you. You can finance this with advertising, for examplerather than having to charge for the download. However, be sure to select ads that might be of interest to your target audience.

If you ultimately decide to charge a price for your app, you should justify this in the description in the App Store. Users should know what sets your app apart from the rest. This ensures that customers will pay for your app and not download the ones from the competition.

Benefits of developing an app for your business

There are many benefits and the reasons for them can be very different. Perhaps one of the following applies to you:

  • Maybe some will internal processes currently managed via various devices or on paper. So you can create an app that makes your business easy and simple coordinated centralized way.
  • When your customers are a Have to make an appointment, an app is a good solution. It will make your job easier, and at the same time, it will save you and your customers time without having to wait long on a phone.
  • Ultimately, an app always creates one added value for your company and your customers. The reason can be very simple.

Can an app be the solution to a problem?

Yes. Apps have been attracting a lot of attention for several years. Today there is at least one smart device in every household. In addition, apps are a direct communication channel between companies and potential customers. You should take advantage of their boom and be careful not to be overtaken by the competition.

How do I find out if my company needs an app?

For your business to be a success, you should be aware that you should do the existing problems or uncover the wishes of your customers. You will find out later that an app can be a great solution to many of your challenges.

Regardless of the cost of the app, the previously mentioned competitive analysis is important. For example, see if your competitors have service processing apps that also work offline.

There are currently many management apps out there and it is very likely that one tailor-made app Brings added value to your company. This analysis phase can help you better define the type of project you need and make a more realistic plan for the cost of your app development.

Depending on the problem, you will look for a suitable solution. These are some of the solutionsthat can serve as an example for you. You can find this in one of Yeeply’s blog articles.




Reporting delaysManagement appCreate reports
Abandoned purchases and short visits on mobile devicesM-commerce appIncrease sales on mobile devices
Inefficient organization of shifts and vacationsInternal communicationMore effective organization
Slow internal communication and unclear channelsInstant messengerCentralized and uniform communication
Few returning customersCustomer loyalty / loyaltyAchieve follow-up purchases
Invoicing delaysCustomer serviceAutomatic dispatch of invoices
The brand is not perceived as modern or innovativeBranding appImprovement of the brand image - more innovative and more mobile
Need for employee training and further educationFurther education appShort training courses for employees using the app
Other problems identifiedAdvice for tailor-made solutionsCreation of tailor-made apps / mobile projects

Options to develop an app

Are you a little clearer about how much your app can cost and what type of development is best for you? If so, prepare for the next step: the Implementation of your app project.

There are some (free) Tools for creating apps. However, the results are often not professional (you can often tell the difference at first glance) and there may be some errors. However, such tools can be helpful for getting started, such as creating wireframes or prototypes.

If you are serious about making your app project a success and want to get the most out of your time and budget, this is your best bet rely on experts. Before we introduce you to three possible options, you should understand the different job profiles involved in creating an app.

We've told you a lot about the importance of finding a good developer to create it. However, this is far from the only technical profile associated with developing an app.

Before the app finally moves into the development phase, the hands of one take care of it Design teams for the visual aspect of the app. Their work goes far beyond the graphical aspect of the app. They also ensure that ease of use (UX) and the user interface (UI) can provide a smooth interaction with the final app. You can find qualified professionals who specialize specifically in these two areas.

This design is made by a Team of developers implemented, so don't think that the same developer can create any kind of app! Every programming language or type of development is a different world. So, look for a developer with technical experience in the type and area of ​​app you want to build.

Finally, you should have a plan for introducing a B2C app. This plan should get the user to download your app. For this you can get the support of a Marketing teams use, with experts in the areas of ASO, SEO, advertising campaigns ...

Where can you find these profiles? We give you three alternatives, which can differ mainly within the price range.

Option 1: freelancer

This option can be useful if your app project is not large in scope. You can Freelancer on some platforms that you will find on the internet. You should take a look at the reliability of these platforms and especially the latest customer reviews from the developers.

Hiring a freelancer for your app development can cheaper than other options. However, hiring a freelancer also has some disadvantages. On the one hand, there is strong competition between the experts on these platforms. Some of the prices are being pushed down a lot, and the freelancers are adapting their offers accordingly. However, this can affect the final quality of development.

If the project is large, several freelancers would have to be hired. How do you intend to coordinate that? You have no way of knowing how they will work together and who will be in charge. Let's look at the two other options.

Option 2: App development company

App development companies specialize in the technological product you want to create. Also, they usually have about all profiles that an app needs to be created. While hiring an app development company or agency is more expensive than working with a freelancer, it does have some advantages.

On the one hand, you work with a single provider together. This is more convenient for you and gives you more time to follow the development of the project and focus on the next steps. In addition, you may find it easier to review your experience. (ask them about previous work they have developed!)

Such companies usually have a disadvantage higher app programming costs and are not very flexible. Unforeseen events or improvements that have to be undertaken during or after the development process can therefore become very expensive.

Option 3: Marketplace

A technology marketplace is a platform on which you one (or more) development teams be able to commission the creation of your project.Yeeply is an example of this. Thats how it works:

  • you publish your project giving as many details as possible.
  • The platform connects you to the right team, depending on your needs, deadlines and budget.
  • The team will contact you and provide you with one Cost estimate. If it fits, you're good to go! If not, you can request a quote from another team via the platform.

The advantage of working through a marketplace like Yeeply is that you don't have to spend time validating the team: all of our professionals have one strict certification process go through, and our algorithm makes sure you find the professionals who meet your needs.

You can use Yeeply Experts from all fields and still only work with a single provider. The diversity and the different locations of our talents help us to always offer you a budget that suits you.

How can you start your project with Yeeply?

When you're ready to get started with your project, you can tell us a little more about your project using this link. You just have to answer a few questions on our form as precisely as possible.

We will contact you to clarify any open questions. We will help you to make the right decision. Because we are experts in developing apps and have extensive experience in this sector.

We have supported more than 750 companies in the implementation of more than 1,000 projects. We were dealing with all kinds of apps. You can use this link to see some of the companies we have worked with. Thanks to this experience we know that we can help you to realize any kind of project. Should we start?