You can learn the violin at any age

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It will be five years in the coming week. Not much longer and play the viola longer than the piano, unbelievable!

I achieved:

- play in two orchestras and every now and then in projects. That was always my biggest goal, but it was achieved quickly (i.e. after 1.5 years). I have to get better, of course, faster above all, but at least I'm sitting there now - and last year even at the first desk :-)

- play in a quartet. And THAT is really hard! Chamber music, you just can't hide there. First a "normal" string set (violin, violin, viola, cello), much more exciting for a year: a pure viola ensemble! It's a lot of fun !!!

- play whole concerts, sonatas, etc. It's nice not to be served just snacks, but to be able to slowly immerse yourself in the "real" viola literature. At the moment a sonata by Giardini, then the supposed Johann Christian Bach concerto in C minor will follow (the famous one, which is probably actually by Casadesus). But it requires more stamina than the short pieces from my viola music booklets ...

- the vibrato becomes finer and more usable. The other day I noticed that I can now use it to accentuate short notes and no longer to howl uninhibitedly :-) Who would have thought that?

- Spiccato has become my favorite stroke style. And thanks to countless Sitt etudes and Sevcic exercises, my bow hand is now sooooooo much so far that even more difficult things are possible. The week before last, I got a Sevcic variation played through completely in the sautillé for the first time. Man was i proud!

- and my fear of stopping immediately from the beginning, if something doesn't work, is completely gone. I have the best viola teacher in the world, and if something doesn't work today, it will work another time. And if my job keeps me from practicing for three weeks, it doesn't matter. Playing the viola is simply the most beautiful thing in the world (besides dancing, of course).