Should I buy or rent in California

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hello Philipp and welcome to the forum.

> Buy a cheap used car to tour the United States

I would not recommend this. It is not easy to find a reliable, cheap car, cheap insurance and sell the car before leaving the country. It will take hundreds of hours to cross our country. Part of the journey goes through monotonous landscapes where there is not much to see. It is certainly more pleasant and probably much cheaper to rent a car in one place for a few weeks, take a cheap flight to another interesting part of the States and then rent a car there for some time

found here:

There is someone here who is already renting cars to 18 year olds

These seem to be used cars.

And I mean that you should have an international driver's license.

> International Driver’s License:

A renter, additional renter, or authorized additional driver who is a resident of a country outside the United States, must present at the time of rental a driver's license issued by the country of residence that is valid for the entire rental period. If the driver’s license in not in English, the renter and any additional renters or drivers will be required to present both the foreign issued driver’s license and a current International Driver’s Permit (“IDP”); <

You also need a credit card.

I don't know how much wreck and how much car you will get from the Rent-A-Wreck company.

Good luck and have a good trip